The Mission: Welcome to the Table!



Welcome to “I came for the soup…,”  a platform designed to encourage creatives to dream or dream again, in Christ-centered faith, helping them to discover their creativity, vision, and the courage it takes to make them thrive.

ICFTS’s mission is to encourage and guide others to rediscover and take hold of their dreams and unique creative voice, in order to step out in faith and give life to their vision.

We create many things in life; art, industry, relationships, legacy. All of these things are divinely influenced and all of them take courage, faith, vision, and a plan.

ICFTS is about discovering and applying creative inspiration and information to the area that you are seeking to flourish in.

…ICFTS is about, exploring creativity, indulging the wildest of imaginative dreams, satisfying the soul, and sharing with others.

This platform is an invitation, geared toward encouraging, enriching and inspiring others to go and explore beyond their creative limits and to share that experience with others, whether as a profession or a tailored creative outlet for personal growth and expression.

Our aim is to grow through our Vision, Voice, and Doing, while walking down the road of DIBDC (Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!)


ICFTS is for those who feel the heartbeat of a dream or vision within them but lack the courage, ‘wind,’ or even direction, to lift their wings to fly toward it.

ICFTS is also for those who have yet to discover what their dream or vision is. Everyone needs to be reminded that they can do ‘it’. Others need light to know ‘how’ to do it, while there are those who are searching for ‘what’ to do.

Here is a place to spark a conversation about creativity and what it takes to thrive beyond obstacles, beyond fear, and even in the simple pursuit of fun!

All are invited and all who share at this table can rediscover and take hold of their own creative visions and voice and embark on a grand adventure of DREAMING bigger than you ever have before, IMAGINING beyond all limitations, BELIEVING the impossible, DOING the incredible, & CONQUERING your goals!

My hope and prayer is that those who chose to travel with me will find themselves greatly enriched and fed while they grow in their creativity as they pursue their vision and dream.


~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!