Welcome to ICFTS!


“Art is not about becoming rich. Art is about enriching the world.” ~Candice Coates

Welcome to “I came for the soup…,” a place where all are invited and all who share at this table can rediscover and take hold of their own creative visions and voice and embark on a grand adventure of Dreaming, Imagining, Believing, Doing, and Conquering!

This platform is an invitation, geared toward encouraging, enriching and inspiring others to go and explore beyond their creative limits and to share that experience with others, whether as a profession or a tailored creative outlet for personal growth and expression. Our aim is to grow through our Vision, Voice, and Doing.


  • Vision: My vision is to grow and take advantage of artistic freedom. As an artist, I would like to harness a new level of artistic expression. I want my writing to flow easily from my imagination into typed or written words, without hindrance, and over thinking. I mostly just want to have fun with the process in general. As I discover these things and sample different avenues of expression I will share.
  • Voice: Even as I create with freedom, I want to do so with purpose. I want to discover the ‘voice’ of that purpose and speak it loud and clear.
  • Doing: I want ICFTS and my creative journey to be the catalyst for the creative and spiritual journeys and discoveries of others. I want to inspire my readers and watchers to create and grow, and inspire others to create and grow. I want to discover more of me and I want others to be inspired to discover more of themselves.

This creative journey will take place on the pages of Faith, Art, and Fiction, as vehicles to clarify your vision and authentic voice.

My hope and prayer is that those who chose to travel with me will also find themselves greatly enriched and fed as well and grow in their creativity.


  • This is Creative Therapy. Have fun!
  • Keep to the path, remembering that this platform is about discovering or rediscovering more of your creative light.
  • Give what you have at each creative moment and polish it up when you have the time. This is a creative world of many First Drafts in all things creative.


Check out the creative PROJECTS that I am working on during this season, and consider taking part in them as well!


~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!

36 thoughts on “Welcome to ICFTS!

      1. Thank you so very much! I may inbox you sometime soon about pointers for traveling. You think you will be up for lending advice there?

      2. That is fantastic! I mean I have done a rough plan of where I want/plan to go but I am a rookie when it comes to managing the transit systems in Europe etc. Then, I also don’t want to over pack which is easily done. Yes, I will definitely inbox you. Thank you !

      3. Are you from the US? Are you planning on visiting England (it’s defo worth of visit but I a, obviously bias haha)
        Yeah sure inbox me when you’re ready to start planning!

      4. Yes I am and yes I am lol. I will even send you the itinerary I have been working on, all flexible of course. Thanks loads you are AWESOME!

  1. Hello Candice!!! I really enjoy your blog! I love it actually! Keep up the good job!
    Take a look at the article I have written about Shopping and Weight Loss! I hope you’ll enjoy it ! I think it will come in handy! Can’t wait for reading your thoughts and opinion! You literally were my inspiration! Thanks a bunch!
    Kisses! xx

  2. Hi
    do no not worry Doro’s demise did in no way diminish my love for Octavia Butler, in fact i feel like I have always known her, stuff feels familiar like something I could come up with but hers being much better hahahaha
    Finished The Patternist series so currently reading Kindred.
    oh yeah so was reading my heritage piece from 2 years back and suddenly feels like a Doro type world to it hahahahaha weird right https://becomingthemuse.wordpress.com/2014/10/26/memoirs-of-a-fire-lord

    1. Phew! Glad to hear you remain loyal.;) honestly I respect an author who makes the hard choices even to end the life of a major character for the sake of the others. Door is a unique one. And who knows you could be the one to carry the baton of her style of writing while still being authentically you. It appears you may have been doing so already 😀 I will take a read. Thanks for sharing!

      1. once I start reading something I do not stop until I finish it, even if i dont like it, I suffer through to its gory end Ha!

        Kindred is a bit of a heavier read.

      2. Ughh lol. I used to do that as well, but then I told myself that if a book hasn’t caught me by at least the 3rd chapter I am free to move on. I can’t torture myself like that anymore. And Kindred is heavy but it has made it to mandatory reading for some high schools which I think is awesome. Its sad that it took OEB passing for her to get the recognition that she so deserves, though.

      3. I still do am, loyal to the end, not just of the book, but if its a series, to the end of the series (I guess I make the best kind of fan Ha!)

        I finished Kindred ^_^ overnight


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