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What They Say: Fiction by Candice Coates

“The only time I want to see a whole lot of red inky letters on paper is when Jesus is talking in my Bible, not when I have to hand you back your manuscript!” Mr. Hopeheld drummed his fingers on his desk, the frustration in his eyes melting into compassion. “Don’t look so chewed up. You and I both know you can do better than this. This,” He stabbed his pointer finger into the tome upon his shiny desktop. “This was a distracted effort of lifeless words and that just isn’t who you are.” The tempered rebuke from Lloyd’s publisher a week ago had nearly given him an ulcer. The sad thing was Mr. Hopeheld was right in all he said. The only problem was that him being right had not helped Lloyd one iota. He’d only told him what he’d already known. Lloyd didn’t believe in writer’s block. The truth was he always had something to say, always had some character whispering in his ears, flashing pictures of their questionable misadventures before his eyes. But …

Silent Winter: A Quote

Winter is the silent intermission for glorious spring! There is life beyond our frozen earth waiting to break forth in its season.” ~Candice Coates There are these moments that come in our creative journey whereas it seems that nothing is happening. We feel as if we’ve hit a wall in our writing, our art, our everything. but just like in nature, just like with God who took a day off from his work of creation, we too have our creative winters. when your creativity slips into silence, allow it a moment of rest. though it may seem as creative winter in your world, be confident that spring is just around the bend. ebbs are always followed by flows.