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The Season of Light: The Glory of Hanukkah and the Beauty of Christmas

December marks the season of Light. It is the when the days grow shorter and the sky is wrapped in a tapestry of deep indigo blue. Night comes and for many, the thought of darkness is the first to cross our minds. But consider the evenings in the winter, when the snow has blanketed the ground in deep, glistening crystals of soft white. And that soft white upon the backdrop of deep blue only glows. Then add the clearness of the cloudless sky with the sharp glow of the moon’s light and the brilliant twinkle of the stars. What was meant to be deep darkness has become the stage for the majesty of light. The imagery alone brings a smile to my face. The Word tells us in that at the fullness of time our Savior, Christ Jesus, the Light of the world, was born into the world to save it (GALATIANS 4:4-7). Just when it seemed that humanity had reached its lowest, most depraved point in creation, with darkness claiming to reign, the Light …

Silent Winter: A Quote

Winter is the silent intermission for glorious spring! There is life beyond our frozen earth waiting to break forth in its season.” ~Candice Coates There are these moments that come in our creative journey whereas it seems that nothing is happening. We feel as if we’ve hit a wall in our writing, our art, our everything. but just like in nature, just like with God who took a day off from his work of creation, we too have our creative winters. when your creativity slips into silence, allow it a moment of rest. though it may seem as creative winter in your world, be confident that spring is just around the bend. ebbs are always followed by flows.