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Stay out of the shadows: A Quote…Inspired by the Late Whitney Houston

“I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadow…because its much more fulfilling to be my original self AND I get far more vitamin D that way, which we all know is a good thing.” Whitney Houston was on to something here besides going for the record gold when she sang the song, “The Greatest Love of All,” written by Linda Creed and Michael Masser. Looking to our heroes and sheroes for inspiration is part of being human. Its what gives us the fuel to press towards a higher mark and prize, but hiding in the dark, cold, musty shadow of someone else, well…that’s just a waste. Yes we are to learn from others, but to only achieve the same level of artistic greatness (or any kind of achievement) as the person before you is not to do the world a favor but it is to reinvent the wheel. It’s just plain wrong. To stay in the shadows is to get lost in the shuffle of mediocrity. Originality is a precious gift from Yeshua/Jesus/God. …

The First Steps to Success

  We as humans have a bad habit of measuring success by all of the wrong things. We think money, material gain, perishable things that cushion our lives somehow are the marks of success. To me, success is about “action.” Your action could be simply being still and trusting God to do the most amazing things in your life. Your action could be research your next project. Your success could be simply getting out of the bed in the morning at a decent time. The point is when we push ourselves beyond the walls of our comfort, and we take the steps into the unknown seeking change, THAT is success. This is the pathway to successfulness.   Cheers!