Creative Intermission until Mid-October

Hello Creatives,

Candice here! I want to first thank you all for continuing with me on this creative journey of faith, art, and fiction. Just this morning we wrapped up ICFTS’ very first Free creative course, Sow the Seeds & Seize the Dream. 

If you didn’t get a chance to partake in the creative journey, there is no better time than now to begin! We all have a creative voice and today is the very best day to use it.

With that in mind, I wanted to give you all a heads up on the short break I will be taking form ICFTS. I have some new things that I would like to share in the very near future and in order to do so I need to take time to prepare them. For that reason, the weekly schedule of postings will be on pause until OCTOBER 16th, 2017 at the earliest or OCTOBER 23rd at the latest.

I may drop in here and there to post something random in the meantime, however, so be on the lookout.

Thanks again for all of you who have joined this community, shown your love and support by liking articles and even going as far as to share them. I truly appreciate it all, especially the comments.

Growing creatively is best done within community!

So off I go until Monday, October 16th!…or the 23rd!


Candice Coates

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!



Without Laughter: A Quote

The most wasted of all days is the one without laughter. ~E.E Cummings


Laughter, like food, is the one other universal language that every person on this planet not only enjoys but needs to survive. Laughter is the music that is never out of tune. It is the one song that we all can sing, and find ourselves singing along  with even if we can’t explain why.

Laughter is a gift, a precious gift given to us from Yeshua Jesus and one that we can give to others. It is a fire that burns nothing but calories! And who doesn’t like that?

Laughter is priceless. Be sure to treasure it and share it with those around you. No day or heart is complete without it.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!

The Right Time: A Song And Word On Seizing Our Moments

There is indeed a time and a season to all things, but how many times have we used this “truth” out of context, and as a means to hide behind our fear, allowing great opportunities to pass us by?

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…(Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)

God does indeed have a plan for all of us. He has the perfect times set up for each and every one of us. I am not a believer in “coincidences” but “God-incidences,” however even with a beautifully orchestrated God-incidence if we are insistent upon finding every reason for why we shouldn’t make a move, we will miss our moment.

Some moments  don’t come around twice. They are truly once-in-a-lifetime events.

So I encourage you to, yes, pray without ceasing. Seek the face of God and allow the wisdom of Yeshua Jesus to guide you in His perfect way and will in all that you do, but don’t let fear of waiting for the “perfect moment” to rob you of the moment at hand.

If you’re waiting for the right time The right time will fly right by you Always planning, never moving Always praying, never doing It ain’t living if you’re just spending your life Waiting for the right time” ~Warren Barfield The right time

There is no such thing as a perfect moment, only the right time and most of the time the right time happens when it looks impossible.

Many of us  like to say we are waiting on God…but have you ever considered that maybe God is waiting on you?

The time is now! Step out on faith, and don’t let your “moment” pass you by.

~Poiema, Poetry in Motion

Once Upon A Time…Why I Started This Blog and Why I Didn’t

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, (less than two years if you want to get technical) I started I Came For The Soup.

When I started this blog I had one goal in mind, and that was to harness creativity, fan flames into raging fires, and create, create, create.

I have said this a few times before in other postings. You will have to surf through my archives to find those posts as I have no idea what they are called at the moment.  Here is a link to a posting called Keep To the Path that first touched on the current topic of this blog posting.

What’s important is raw creativity and spiritual growth,  to become better at what I am doing, to turn this spark into a sustained fire.”

Every now and again, I find that I need to give myself a reminder of not WHY I created this space of expression and bonding, but why I did NOT create this blog space.

If you are curious as to the “whys,” read my About Page, the Welcome Tab found under About, or How It All Began. I even created 4 rules for myself just as a daily reminder (Rules taken from “Keep To the Path):

Rule # 1. Keep to the path. Always remember, this blog is about discovering your new light and creative world. Let that be your beacon towards every post.

Rule # 2. Don’t take yourself too seriously, this blog is playtime. Playtime is fun and adventurous.

Rule# 3. Give what you have at the moment and spruce it up later. (Pictures are lovely. I would like to illustrate some of the Freewrites I have done but clearly this will have to happen later. It wouldn’t make sense to stress over it now.) NEVER FORGET THE POWER OF A QUARTER!

(There is a Blog called “The Almighty Quarter” found under the Daily Words in the Musing tab if you are interested in reading it.)

Rule# 4. This is not a 9 to 5, this is “Creative Therapy”. If you forget to nourish yourself first you will faint before you are able to give something satisfying to others.

Great rules, huh? I even went as far as to give myself 3 MORE statements of “why.”

Frustration forces us beyond our fear and complacency because it has caused us to become uncomfortable, thus pushing us to do whatever it takes to gain our ease again.

  • My Vision: My vision is to grow and take advantage of artistic freedom. As an artist I would like to harness a new level of  artistic expression. As we grow our signatures change. I would like to discover 1 or 2 visual styles of expression and polish them into coherent and clear artistic signatures. I want my writing to flow easily from my imagination into typed or written words, without hindrance and over thinking. I mostly just want to have fun with the process in general. As I discover these things and sample different avenues of expression I will share.
  • My Voice: Even as I create with freedom I want to do so with purpose. I want to discover the voice of that purpose and speak it loud and clear.
  • My Doing: I want this blog and journey to be the catalyst for the creative and spiritual journeys and discoveries of for others. I want to inspire my readers and watchers to create and grow, and inspire others to create and grow. I want to discover more of me and I want others to be inspired to discover  more of themselves. (Taken from the About tab in Main Menu)

None of this has changed really. Actually what I am facing now is the frustration of NEW VISION and a CLEARER VOICE, as I struggle to express myself in a NEW WAY OF DOING.

Frustration, if you don’t already know, is a speed bump in our road of progress. Frustration is not always an enemy, as speed bumps are not the enemy. What it is is a tool. Frustration causes us to pause in our “doing,” take note of what is missing, and change our course of direction to take hold of what is we need.

Frustration forces us beyond our fear and complacency because it has caused us to become uncomfortable, thus pushing us to do whatever it takes to gain our ease again.

Frustration… is a speed bump in our road of progress.”

My current frustration is in my rhythm. Its like going from driving an automatic transmission car, to a stick shift. You need to drive, you just don’t know how to use your vehicle to the fullest…yet.

That being said, I am fully committed to polishing the “Newness” that has grown out of my previous seasons in order to take to the road again with style.

So, frustration in hand as a tool, why did I NOT create this blog?

  1. I did not create this blog to gain a sense of worth. Let’s face it. If you blog, you have been bitten by the “statistics bug” at least once or twice. You have pouted over low views, follows and ratings. This is not a “road bump.” Falling pray to this kind of bite is like a cancer that threatens the very life of your creativity. DON’T GIVE IN!
  2. I did not create this blog in order to be regimentedSchedules are good things, but I need to be careful with them. I can easily lose my “glow” by becoming legalistic with my sense of “order”. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are my absolute blogging days, but I will most likely still post in between. Creativity is not on a schedule.
  3. I did not create this blog to look like the blogs of others. It is tempting to see the success (stats and what not) of other bloggers, the popularity of their content, and seek to follow their lead because of it. Although it is wonderful to admire and even borrow some techniques, if you just become a “copy” of someone else, then why are you even blogging?
  4. I did not create this blog for it to be a chore, filled with “have to’s.” This blog is and remains an instrument of growth. Growth happens naturally and not out of force. I don’t HAVE to post, but I should as I have the voice and spark to do so. Anything else is inauthentic and just not welcome.

With all of this being said, I take my keys in hand and I put myself behind the wheel of my new creative vehicle. I hope that my frustration and growing pains are helpful to you all as well as encouraging.

Thanks for riding along with me, and if you have any words of advice or encouragement of your own, please do share!



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Inevitable Change: A Quote Day 2 of 3 Day Quote Challenge

Change is inevitable, Growth is optional.”~Unknown (to me)


Change. The only time that most people search out change and willingly run with it is when unsavory circumstances have begun to dim the light and joy form their life and they are desperate to get it back. Otherwise, change is seen as the unwelcome guest who showed up at your perfectly numbered dinner party, uninvited.

Change requires sacrifice, which generally goes hand and hand with discomfort and for some of us, discombobulation.

But change is necessary. It is going to happen whether we like it or not, whether we are prepared or not.

Think about an infant in their mother’s womb. Change comes and is without a doubt a straining shock to everything within the infant and around them. But what awaits them at the end of their travailing journey is something far greater.

Consider the caterpillar who crawls through life, knowing in the core of their being that they are meant for greater heights. They must burn with the urge to fly at some point.

But they, like us, must go through the “changes” that enable them to take flight or in the case of a baby, to feel the tender kiss of their mother and father.

What is required for both of them (and all of us) to experience the full glory of what change has to offer? Growth. How do we grow? With willing hearts.

This puts me in the mind of John 15: 1-2:

“I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit, He prunes it so that it may bear more fruit.

There is something in these verses that a lot of people miss. Bearing fruit requires CHANGE and GROWTH, but whether the vine is willing to grow or not, it will still get CUT. Pruning is cutting. Being taken away is cutting. Cutting is change. Fruit is growth.

Life is filled with options but change is not one of them. Growth is always a choice that we are free to make.

To read the quote from Day 1 and to see who nominated me for this challenge and those who I have nominated, simply click HERE.




Little, Yet Fierce: A Quote 3 Quotes Challenge!

Though she be but little, she is fierce.” ~William Shakespeare


Hello all! I have been nominated by Marje of Kyrosmagica blog to participate in the “3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge.” First, I would like to thank her for this opportunity as I am given to the love of quotes, and always happy to share them.

So why this quote? Although I am not a reader of Shakespeare, and could not tell you from which play this quote comes, or of who or what he was referring, I still find such magic and an evocation of power in the words.

“…if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20

The first thing that came to mind (apart from my self 😉 ) was the thought of a mustard seed and how Yeshua Jesus references its size to all other seeds, but draws attention to the power, glory and possibility that lies within the tiny husk.

The Savior likens the Kingdom of Heaven to a mustard seed. The contradiction just makes me smile, to compare something infinite, grand and eternal, to something so seemingly insignificant, small and powerless.

Speaking about FAITH,  He says that all we need to have is faith the size of a mustard seed and we could speak to any mountain and it would be moved into the depths of the sea. He says that even though the mustard seed is the tiniest of her kind, she produces the largest of trees (in comparison to other garden plants,) one in which birds take shelter.

“He told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. And this is smaller than all other seeds, but when it is full grown, it is larger than the garden plants and becomes a tree, so that THE BIRDS OF THE AIR come and NEST IN ITS BRANCHES.” Matthew 13:31,32

Such a tiny seed filled with such greatness that others are able to find comfort in its roots.

Our dreams, our passions, our faith and hope, boasts such immeasurable possibility and infinite strength. All we need do is put the “seed” in the ground and have faith that it will grow.

No matter your dream or vision, no matter how tiny she my seem, remember she is FIERCE, though she be but little. Great things come int tiny packages. Have faith.


  1. Give thanks to the person who nominated you with a link to their blog. 
  2. Publish 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days in your blog. It can be your own, or from a book, movie or from anyone who inspires you.
  3. Nominate 3 more bloggers to carry on this endeavor.

Here are my Nominees

Due check out their blogs and as if I need to say it, FOLLOW THEM!


Why I Write: A Quote & Question

I began writing about power because I had so little.” ~Octavia E. Butler

If you ask most writers, published or not, why they commit themselves and endless hours of their lives to writing, and or the topics they choose to write about, many will take pause before giving you their answer.

13515398292kl2nFor most, the answer is multi-layered, generally revolving around the sun of cathartic warmth.

We write to obtain release from pressure, we write, like the late Octavia E. Butler, because we feel powerless in our real world, but we are in complete control over the worlds we create. (Even that is to a degree…strong willed character’s will fight their creators.)

My reasons for writing, my layers begin with a sense of “have to.” To not write means I am making the commitment to become a tense, grumpy grouch, with very little focus.

I become stagnant in all things as the weight of words that need release, have taken me hostage. The characters in my imagination begin gnawing off my mental ears, blinding my eyes with the veil of their worlds, versus my own true world.

…writing is my diary of boundless thought and emotion that I leave open for the world to see.

I don’t want to say I am a slave to writing, as my “want to” certainly out weighs, and out shines my “have to.” I am no more a slave to this craft than I am slave to breathing…I want to do that too.

I also write because it gives me voice. If you have read my About Author Artist Page, then you are aware that I consider myself an “introverted extrovert.” (There is a new fancy term for this now, but it eludes my thinking at the moment.)

Being such a person, I share much, but the more intimate facets (and sometimes the usual/basic thoughts) of my being are buried very deep within, sometimes even from myself. I write to express many of my untried feelings and emotions.

I am no more a slave to this craft than I am slave to breathing…I want to do that too.

Writing allows me to touch these feeling and thoughts and express them through my characters, either consciously or subconsciously. I lean towards Science Fiction and Fantasy, because there are no limits or boundaries within those genres. My nature is to be limitless.

In short, writing is my diary of boundless thought and emotion that I leave open for the world to see. Octavia E. Butler wrote for a sense of power in the face of powerlessness.

So, why do YOU write? What drives you? And why do you write about what it is that you choose to write about?

I would love to know.

*To find out more about Octavia E. Butler, visit

For 2 As For 1,000 : A Quote

I’m ‘a tell you like Daddy told me
In everything you do give God the glory
Every opportunity you’re given
Sing your song for TWO as you would for a THOUSAND…” ~JoAnn Rosario

The above quote is the opening verse from the song titled “Serve You Only,” by JoAnn Rosario. There is such wisdom in this quote, such encouragement that, to me, really puts life and actions in proper perspective.

Sometimes, most of the time, we weigh the value of our efforts by the size of the audience or the applause we may or may not receive as a result of it. We allow the absence of accolades to force our minds into the abysmal depths of disbelief, thinking our work is for not.

“No one will buy this painting. No one cares about this poem. Who is going to read this book? I shared the Gospel and no one accepted Christ as their Savior. Is my work in vain?”

All of these thoughts, and we all have had them, lead me to the old saying, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

The answer to that is yes! The birds whose nest fell, heard it. The squirrel who last her hiding place heard it. We just didn’t hear any of them, because we were not there, but that doesn’t men it didn’t happen or that it wasn’t of great importance. The very fact that we ask the question about the tree and its sound is proof that some one witnessed its fall and thought enough of it to share the tale.

The last line of the above verse is the “meat” of this posting. It is the point. “Sing your song for TWO as you would for a THOUSAND.”

No matter how big or small your audience, give, and give with your whole heart, with sincerity and authenticity. The eyes and ears of the one person who tastes the fruits of your labors may be the one person who takes what they have learned from you and changes the lives of thousands more because of it.

So don’t be discouraged. Keep writing. Keep dancing. Keep singing and sharing, and do it for one as if it were for all!


Taking Hold of Greatness: A Word of Creative Encouragement

Sometimes doing great work means taking several steps backward.”~Candice Coates

I don’t know of a single human being throughout the span of time who has not desired some level of success and greatness. 

I am not talking about the greatness that world conquers sought, the empty success that only leaves you with an insatiable high for more in all the wrong ways, the kind that leaves victims wounded, and bloodied in your wake.

I am talking about the great work of authentic meaning and self-expression. I am talking about that work that comes from an honest and sincere heart, that one that you can whisper to God with a smile and say, “We did good, eh?”

Be it your art, your writing, your marriage, your conquering of the daily grind whereas you force yourself to say “This is the day the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it! I will do well today no matter the odds, no matter the discomfort.” This is the great work I speak about.

It cost. It takes time. But it is worth it.

As a writer, one of my greatest desires is to be published, to share the fruits of my imagination with others. Sometimes I get so eager to share, the desire to forgo proper editing and revisions tempts me with an itch that I can hardly bear not to scratch.

Editing takes time, sometimes that time is spent in rewriting one’s “masterpiece,” completely…this is taking several steps back. The finish line that was only a few strides ahead now seems so far away.

One moment, you believe you are finished with your work only to realize you have to go back to the starting line, or close to it, in order to actually achieve the goal you were aiming for.

The beauty of taking these steps back lay in the wisdom that was gleaned from the firs attempt, your dry run. Taking steps back and aiming for the mark a second time lends you an advantage you did not have before.

When we aim the second time we know how to consider the ‘winds’ around us because we have learned to consider them.

Greatness is worth every detour. It is worth every tear. It is worth all the strain.

Take your steps, step back if you must, but continue to move forward. Greatness is just ahead.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!