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March 23 Writing Prompt Results by Rick Aguirre

Hello all! I had the pleasure of reading the results of our latest writing prompt, done by Rick Aguirre. As he does not have a blog of his own (which with chops like these, I think he should consider acquiring one) I have decided to share his results for him. Enjoy! He watched them from afar, but the disdain he felt for them was so closely lit in his chest he feared he would combust and light the sky with his flame. The sounds of the city clattered on like an old jazz tune which, in another time, another place, might have been endearing but here and now only served to stoke the embers smoldering in his bowels. His gaze fell upon them like that of an owl leering through a wooded hollow as they blithely sauntered down the narrow street. Details emerged from their silhouettes as they passed a well lit storefront only to fade back into obscurity once they traveled beyond the light’s reach. Light or no he could see them. He needed no illumination to …

Writing Prompt: Did Somebody Say Murder?!

  Writing Prompt Time: 20-45min RULES: Imagine you are the number one suspect in a murder investigation, (it can be old west, intergalactic, whatever), but all the investigators are concerned about, and keep asking you about is why you are wearing the color BLUE. *This prompt can be serious or quirky, it really is a matter of your imagination. Cheers! And as always, REMEMBER, if you participate in the challenge, please add a link back to this page and share your results! I shall have my results posted next Tuesday.