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Monday’s Muse Writing Prompt: June 20th 2016

OPENING LINE (S): “S/he had a very strange love affair with succulents. It actually said a lot about his/her and his/her view of relationships and commitments; the less work involved the better.” RULES:  Using the above line and the picture provided, (Or a line of your own choosing) create a story (or even a poem) within up to 20 minutes. Once you have finished your super awesome masterpiece, add a link in the comments section of this post to your story for others to read, as well as a link on your page back to this original post for others to follow along and write with as well. In your “tags” section, add the tag“Monday’s Muse.” If you do not have a blog of your own, leave me a comment and send me an email to and I will post your lovely words here on my blog. (PLEASE KEEP ENTRIES THAT NEED TO BE POSTED ON THIS BLOG WITHIN A PG13 RANGE. THANK YOU) My results will be posted by Thursday. ~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!