Debut Novel Coming Winter 2018

Hello Friends and fellow Creatives!

It brings me great joy to finally be able to share with you the teaser chapters for my debut novel, coming out Winter 2018, Nexus Gate 4037: The Animal!

NG is the very first book in the Ministry of Time Series!

Being that this is my very first go at indie-publication, I have found wisdom in taking my time with the process. My desire is to bring you a rich story that keeps you on the edge of your seat while igniting the depths of your imagination.

This book is my first ‘hello’ in the publishing world and I want to be heard with clarity.

Please enjoy the preview of the novel by reading the teaser chapters, and if you haven’t already, follow my author page,

Nexus GateThe rules of Time Surveillance have been broken.
The past has stepped into the future. 

The threads of time are now tangled and retribution will be dealt…

Will the past devour the future or will they unite in order to survive the threat of the present?



~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


Battle of the Books is Here!: Which will be Published First? You Decide!


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The official kickoff of the Battle of the Books, a competition between two of my novels where you the reader get to vote and decide which book will be indie published first has begun! 

Read sample chapters of and cast your vote for the novel you think should be the first published.

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warden-coverBook Flap: 
Ever since the bizarre death of her grandmother, Maeve Grandie has made it her sole purpose to be reliable, even if that means living a dreadfully predictable life. The only sense of adventure Maeve experiences is in her dreams. The only problem is her peculiar hereditary condition that gives her rashes on her hands and arms, turning the veins of her arms a screaming azurite blue, not only gives her weird dreams but causes her to sleepwalk as well.

But what would happen if those dreams that carry her into a bizarre land where people can cause their arms to ignite with blue flames and tear open the sky with their bare hands is not really a dream at all?

What if the dream world, Maeve finds herself suddenly trapped in, is actually a true world of wonder but one she is somehow destroying just by being there?

Senior Warden Vincent Jasper of Trident finds himself facing that very real and immeasurable danger when a young woman in the ugly pink nightgown interferes with an arrest right before disappearing through an Unzoned Door in the Universe causing the very threads of the Cluster and Realms to ripple and stretch, putting it and the lives of all who live within it in grave danger. Not only is the woman unknown but she keeps opening Doors and is somehow hiding right underneath his nose.

Can Jasper and his team along with the rest of Trident, apprehend this villainous threat clad in garish pink flannel and ruffles? Or will they find out that she is not the threat at all but the weapon of someone else, all before their side of the universe collapses?

nexus-gate-4037-the-animal-coverNOVEL 2: NEXUS GATE 4037: THE ANIMAL


Book Flap: Most important rules of time surveillance; never disrupt your host timeline and never step into the future. Decorated Surveillance Specialist Vivian Leona of 6037 has broken both.

Losing her husband, John Joseph Spruce, in the Nexus of time past, Vivian mistakenly pulls the wrong man into the future, a man recorded by history as having died on that very day in 1837. The consequences for keeping him alive in the future could prove far worse than Vivian bargains for, especially in the American South’s New Golden Age, 4037, where any overt emotion or cause of such, like racism, is seen as a deadly contingent—‘conditions’ cured only by euthanasia.

Slave foreman and bounty hunter ‘Tucker’ John Josephus Spruce of 1837 is called ‘The Animal’ by those he hunts, and a ‘necessary evil’ by those who enlist his skills, but are his ‘talents’ enough to keep him alive when he steps into a deadly snare set twenty-two hundred years in the future where he is now pawn and prey?

Will Tucker John’s instincts lead him towards retribution for his abduction, or will they make Vivian his only ally while setting him on an unexpected hunt for the one not only out for his blood, but the very woman’s he’s purposed to destroy?


  • Read teaser chapters of both books. (NEXUS GATE  and WARDEN)
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See you at the battle!

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!

Chapter 33: Ascension Graveyard by Candice Coates

Ascension Graveyard..jpg 2

Chapter 33

The Encounter Blog interview with Etta Castle Teague

HL: Even though I laugh, I have to say I am hurt that you think no one else gets what is going on but you and Baldwin Falk. Others of us can see what’s happening too, you know.

ECT: (Silence) I never liked going to the eye doctor as a child. Mr. Albert insisted, of course. I hated how they would push my face up against that weird mask thing, and ask, while they flipped different lenses over in front of my straining eyes, “lens A or B? A or B?”, and right when I had made a choice and felt like I had gotten the right focus, they threw me a curve ball of lens C. Which meant my focus was all out of whack again.

They did all of this Just to figure out which was the most focused lens for my eyes.

The reality of life is that we are often looking through the wrong lens and need someone to just come up to us, and give us a different perspective, whether we like it or not. Lens A or lens B? Sometimes I would rather scrap both without ever having to look through C.

HL: I get it.

ECT: Do you?

HL: Yes. You, Mrs. Teague, have trust issues.

ECT: No, I just don’t have time to flip your lenses while keeping mine in focus. And it’s Castle-Teague.

*          *          *

Etta lay awake staring up through the blackness of the night to her ceiling. Baldwin was pretty certain she had a concussion and had talked nearly non-stop since they left the hospital—which he protested doing—and even clear into the morning. That was just before he suddenly disappeared.

It hadn’t mattered much, the fact he had done everything in his power to prevent her from sleeping, although the sudden exit did chaff her. As lethargic as she had been feeling she was too shaken to actually sleep. She still hadn’t heard from Jørn although she had heard him come in almost two hours after she had crawled into bed. He hadn’t even bothered to come to their bedroom. Instead, he’d gone straight to the guest room.