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No Greater Love…:Recognizing Pain Doesn’t Negate God’s Love

When I created this blog, I created it based off of a new light I had discovered within my soul while traveling through Europe. The thing about that light was that it had been there all the while, I had just…misplaced it. Since allowing myself to yield and to grow, and allow that light to truly shine, that light has shone itself, not only in my art but in my faith. Within my faith and walk with Christ, I have come to a place where all I want is His glory. All I want to know is Him and Him crucified (I Corinthians 2:2) and what that means for ALL of us. All I want to know, all I want others to know is that His love and His grace is His TRUTH is more than enough…even, no, ESPECIALLY when it hurts! But just like that light within me, the one I discovered on my journey, the one I had to let shine, so too must I allow Christ to shine they way HE sees …

Another Message on Loneliness Presented by Pastor Joseph Prince

I count it divine that I came across this the day after I wrote my post on loneliness. Here is an 8min snippet from a message preached by Pastor Joseph Prince. If you are not familiar with him and his teachings on the true gospel of Grace and Truth, you can find out more by visiting  To read my original post dealing with my journey on the topic, click HERE. Cheers and May Jesus bless you!