Future Plans Ahead!: Summer Schedule for ICFTS

Hello, Friends and Fellow Creatives.

I wanted to take the time and interrupt our weekly schedule, this month of May and give you all the scheduling information for ICFTS for the Summer months.

As it stands, ICFTS has weekly postings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. These posting consist of Creative Motivations, Monday’s Muse Writing Prompts, Writing Prompt Results, and Faith for Creatives.

With the summer months approaching, so too, do plans for vacations and more outdoor activities not only for myself but for my fellow creatives. With this in mind, a break from regularly scheduled posting is a must and will be something done annually with ICFTS.


ICFTS will be on posting sabbatical for the months of JUNE, JULY, and, AUGUST. We will return to posting articles on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 3, 2018, with fresh new content, and prayerfully new voices and topics to grow us all along our creative adventures.


As stated, many Creatives will be off on vacations, spending time outdoors with family, regrouping and connecting with friends. Family and relationships are key to healthy creativity and is encouraged. This break will ensure that you don’t miss a beat here on ICFTS, giving you the time to focus on those closest to you.


During the break, I will be working on new topics and content for ICFTS, working on my writing, as well as focusing on creative rest as well. THERE WILL STILL BE MOTIVATIONAL POSTINGS ON OUR INSTAGRAM PAGE SO FOLLOW US THERE TOO!


In addition to the break, specific tabs under MY JOURNAL will be removed from the ICFTS platform but will have links that will lead to my AUTHOR SITE. These tabs are ART and FICTION.

My goal in moving these tabs is to make ICFTS more streamlined and focused on helping others to grow in their creativity rather than showcasing my own. After all, ICFTS is my creativity and faith in action.

While Monday’s Muse Writing Prompts will still be created on ICFTS, my results, as well as my other fiction pieces, and any created visual art will be posted on my author site.

Thank you so much for continuing the journey with me and ICFTS and exploring your creativity in the summer sun to come!

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER! 


Planning Ahead: Making Way for an Organic Blog Schedule


Hello all! I just wanted to share a bit of my progress as 2016 slow crawls into 2017.

If you haven’t noticed, I have experienced a pleasing level of success in  reworking old blog postings as well as sending others to the archive graveyard. In addition to that, I’ve had to scrap my weekly Monday’s Muse writing prompt as I was the only one partaking in the challenge.

With some of those things wrapped up, I’ve cleared of some ‘plate’ space for other things.

As I mentioned before, I need to go back to the basics of this blog. I need to remind myself, again, and stay focused on why I created I came for the soup in the first place.

That being said, here are some reasons why I need to keep reminding myself as I press forward into a new creative year.


  1. As it goes with platforms that thrive from ‘follows’, ‘likes’, and the always welcome comments, one tends to make those things the driving force for how they schedule their blogging journey…schedules are good as I’ve said before but not if they become shackles that choke your creativity. I had scheduled myself into a choke hold.
  2. Too many items on my plate and not enough time to eat and enjoy them all like I should. I’ve enjoyed the postings that I’ve shared over the last near three years but having a 5-day schedule is not for me. I need more room for flexibility.
  3. Why the need for more flex? Well, my needs have changed. Creatively, I’ve achieved levels that have moved from the realm of dreaming to doing and onward I march to CONQUERING!


As I said before, I am going back to what I originally had at the start of this blog, organic free-flow writing, art as I am inclined to create it and, of course, my blog novel Ascension  Graveyard.

  • Weekly blogging schedule will be organic. I will post as the creativity calls…for the most part. If I do one free flow write a week, I will deem myself a creative success.
  • You can expect to see weekly/biweekly installments of Wisdom from the Writer’s Journal, as well as an encouraging quote to wrap up the week.
  • Chapters for Ascension Graveyard will resume posting ever THURSDAY, hopefully beginning November 17th.

So in short, random free flow writes here and there, Writing Tips on Wednesdays, AG Chapters on Thursday and a Quote to polish us off when one moves me to share.

As mentioned, my creative needs have changed. I have two manuscripts out of Beta that need polishing up in time for my Author Page Launch! I am aiming for Monday, December 5th, 2016 sometime in JANUARY 2017! There will be a blog party over there and EVERYTHING…mark your calendar and show your love and support.

My desire is to have one of my novels published no later than April 2017!

There is a lot of TLC that goes into this process, thus, the need for flexibility.

More than creating content for quantity and schedules sake, I want to create for quality. I want what I share to inspire you and aid you in your creative journey. Anything else is to miss the mark.

So that is in in a nutshell. Plan for fun, plan for free flow, plan to join me on the next level of my blogging journey!

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


I read, the other day while at a Thai restaurant,  noshing on some amazing Pad Thai, the history of Chopsticks. In short, some guy in somewhere around 250 BC decided that since knives were a tool of violence that they should no longer be used at the dining table. Thus the birth of Chopsticks.


As I sit here and type, that little historical tidbit makes me think of schedules and planning. Me, I am a planner. Some would say that planning is a great way to do things. My response is yes it is and no it is not. Planning, or rather, “rigid planning”, robs you of spontaneity. I am easy bait for that kind of robbery. I am not the person to call out of the blue and say “Hey! Do you wanna come out and we can (fill in the blank)? the weather is nice. We will have a good time.” Because immediately I start thinking about the schedule I have made and how I did not make time for this fun activity.

Recipes are more suggestions than rules.”

Its funny how I can look at a recipe and think of it as more of a suggestion and not really a set of rules to be kept, but when I make a plan or a schedule I can’t seem to break myself from it. I HAVE to keep it. But do I really?

The answer to that is NO! If I don’t paint for leisure tomorrow, even though it may be on my schedule, the world will not end.  If I skip out on everything I have planned to do, folding laundry included, life will go on. I have to use my schedule wisely, not as a tool of violence but something that takes practice to manage…like chopsticks.

Exploration is like chopsticks, creativity…chopsticks.

So I have plans for this new week ahead. I have plans to write, to learn French, to keep up with my Telanovella (I love my Spanish Soaps) , I may or may not keep up with the 365 Days of Writing prompts, but I am deciding from here on out that these plans of mine are no longer a schedule. Schedules are no fun. From here on out I will be making Recipes for the Week! These recipes are my suggestions on the road to creative fulfillment but not rules. I will honor my quarters but I will not hold them with tight, white knuckled fist.

I don’t know about you, but I plan to have a good time…with my chopsticks 😉