Why I Write: A Quote & Question

I began writing about power because I had so little.” ~Octavia E. Butler

If you ask most writers, published or not, why they commit themselves and endless hours of their lives to writing, and or the topics they choose to write about, many will take pause before giving you their answer.

13515398292kl2nFor most, the answer is multi-layered, generally revolving around the sun of cathartic warmth.

We write to obtain release from pressure, we write, like the late Octavia E. Butler, because we feel powerless in our real world, but we are in complete control over the worlds we create. (Even that is to a degree…strong willed character’s will fight their creators.)

My reasons for writing, my layers begin with a sense of “have to.” To not write means I am making the commitment to become a tense, grumpy grouch, with very little focus.

I become stagnant in all things as the weight of words that need release, have taken me hostage. The characters in my imagination begin gnawing off my mental ears, blinding my eyes with the veil of their worlds, versus my own true world.

…writing is my diary of boundless thought and emotion that I leave open for the world to see.

I don’t want to say I am a slave to writing, as my “want to” certainly out weighs, and out shines my “have to.” I am no more a slave to this craft than I am slave to breathing…I want to do that too.

I also write because it gives me voice. If you have read my About Author Artist Page, then you are aware that I consider myself an “introverted extrovert.” (There is a new fancy term for this now, but it eludes my thinking at the moment.)

Being such a person, I share much, but the more intimate facets (and sometimes the usual/basic thoughts) of my being are buried very deep within, sometimes even from myself. I write to express many of my untried feelings and emotions.

I am no more a slave to this craft than I am slave to breathing…I want to do that too.

Writing allows me to touch these feeling and thoughts and express them through my characters, either consciously or subconsciously. I lean towards Science Fiction and Fantasy, because there are no limits or boundaries within those genres. My nature is to be limitless.

In short, writing is my diary of boundless thought and emotion that I leave open for the world to see. Octavia E. Butler wrote for a sense of power in the face of powerlessness.

So, why do YOU write? What drives you? And why do you write about what it is that you choose to write about?

I would love to know.

*To find out more about Octavia E. Butler, visit www.octaviabutler.org


Words: How Many Are TOO Many For A Single Chapter?


I just recently posted the 11th chapter of my blog novel, Ascension Graveyard, and upon copying and pasting the document in the word process here online, I noticed something….

My word count had gone over 5,000 in that chapter alone!

I considered cutting the chapter but after skimming over it, I found that there was no place that would really work, and allow me to maintain the flow of the moment. So I left it as is.

QUESTION? How many words are too many words for a single chapter in a novel?

I like to hover somewhere between 1,000 and 3,500. I will, on occasion, allow somewhere around 4,000, but how many do YOU think is too many?



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A Few More Liebster Questions To Be Answered

Hello again! In response to my nominations of others, I was given the chance to answer a few more magical questions, thanks to Kima from the www.hehasplans.com AND Carrie Ann from www.anniehow.wordpress.com


So here are those golden questions, and my answers:

  1. Who inspires you the most in life? People who express genuine kindness for no other reason but being kind.
  2. What is your favorite genre that you just can’t seem to write yourself? I wouldn’t say it is my favorite, but in light of my desire to give romance a real try, I have been reading a lot of historical romance (Clean Reads) and although I really enjoy them, I have to say I don’t think I have the patience to do the research for accuracy there.
  3. What program(s) do you use to create/write your stories? I don’t use any programs. Music however gets me in the heads of my characters and links me with their emotions. I also find (as odd as this may seem) that for some of my story lines, playing games like Settlers of Catan are very helpful.
  4. If you only had one book to read, what would it be (excluding the Bible/Religious books)? Howl’s Moving Castle! Three copies, plus the movie and several reads, just cause is how it has been so I would definitely defer there. The movie is beautiful via the imagination of Hayao Miyazaki, but his interpretation of the true characters is of Howl and Sophie, is way off. Those two were deliciously self-centered and ridiculous, especially Howl. His reason and method for “saving the day” in the end in the book is hilarious and a far cry from the Howl of the movie.
  5. What would be your dream job?  Honestly, to be a successful storyteller and writer.
  6. Morning person or night owl? How does this effect your daily schedule? Weirdly enough I am a mix of both. I tend to not get to bed before 4am but if I were to wake up as 6am I am very chipper.
  7. If your life was a movie, do you think you’d be the main protagonist? Hmmm, maybe the ant-hero on the side.
  8. Have you ever written to/talked to one of your favorite authors? Who? What did you get out of it? YES! Tamara Leigh! and it was WONDERFUL! She really encouraged me to keep doing what I am doing and even followed my blog. She has a blog here too! www.tamaraleigh.com
  9. Which of your senses would you be willing to give up? None. Losing one would take me several steps back from being super human!
  10. What is your favorite online resource for writing/blogging/what you do? Overdrive.com It is a library app for downloading Ebooks. Why do I say this? Because the more I read the more inspired I become!

Alrighty! Now with the questions presented by Anniehow!

1. When you were a child, what did you want to grow up to be?  Have you fulfilled that dream? I wanted to be a lawyer and an architect. I no longer have any desire to practice law BUT I am planning on getting my masters in Architecture. Writing and art were always things I just did but treasure.

2. Who was your favorite teacher and why? I don’t think I had a favorite teacher. I have been blessed to have lots of really excellent ones. Some of them I still keep in contact with.

3. Do you have any musical talents, and what are they? I am musically inclined. I actually sang my way through undergrad. We did mostly classical music, but if I were ever to become a singer for a profession, it would be worship music with a folk flare. 

4. What decade, that you have lived through, is your favorite and why? I have only lived in three so my choices are limited. That being said I think my current decade is my favorite because I have learned so much from the ones behind me.

5. When was the last time you really laughed and what was it that made you laugh? I actually laugh quite a bit so I really can’t say what was the last thing that made me laugh apart for just having sheer joy!

6. Do you like or dislike surprises?  Why or why not? Surprises are tricky things. I like random thoughtful acts and I like to be the recipient BUT I never quite know how to respond to them sooo.

7. What is your favorite holiday and why? My favorite holiday is Passover! I love the story of redemption. I love changing up my seder menu with a theme. (I am a Messianic Jew/ Jewish Christian)  So I am overjoyed to see how Yeshua Jesus fulfilled this holyday. 

8. What is your proudest accomplishment? I don’ think I have yet to achieve my proudest accomplishment. Their is still a lot of life ahead. 

9. Shuffle the songs on your iPod or Phone, which song comes up? Or what is your favorite song and why? Right now my favorite song is a song by JJ Heller called “I dream of you.” The song is below. I love the piano in this song and the words. It just bright and cheery!

10. If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have and why? I would be able to manipulate matter and time. Why? Because my possibilities would be limitless! 

These were some great questions. I am really glad I got to answer them!

Cheers to you all!

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Writing Process: A Question-What is Your Process?

For the last five years I had been the sole proprietor of a small business. It was hard, honest work-work that ate up most of my mental time, and creativity. I enjoyed it for the season that I was dedicated to it, but I recently closed that business, and have found myself with somewhat of a void.

No time PicWhat I mean is that where nearly ever waking hour of my day was dedicated to the growth and production of this business with as many moments stolen away to dedicate to my writing, I know find myself wearing a different hat; one where my muscle memory is focused in “business mode” but I am clearly standing in the land I have longed to be in for many years now, and that is the world of writing!

Now that I have all of this time on my hands to actually write, I find myself struggling to make the best use of it. Don’t get me wrong, I get at least 1,500 words in a day, but that is really not very many considering there are 24 hours in a day.

I now find myself looking for the most effective “process” to use my hours in a day; to write, to finish my last painting commission (I also do/did commissions so I suppose I had/have two small businesses), to edit and revise older manuscripts, to create more curious art, and lest I forget, time to blog. Free Time Pic


I suppose that makes two questions and not one, but we are all big kids so we can handle them 😉

I look forward to all of your sage advice…Truly, it would help to get a better handle on things.


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