For 2 As For 1,000 : A Quote

I’m ‘a tell you like Daddy told me
In everything you do give God the glory
Every opportunity you’re given
Sing your song for TWO as you would for a THOUSAND…” ~JoAnn Rosario

The above quote is the opening verse from the song titled “Serve You Only,” by JoAnn Rosario. There is such wisdom in this quote, such encouragement that, to me, really puts life and actions in proper perspective.

Sometimes, most of the time, we weigh the value of our efforts by the size of the audience or the applause we may or may not receive as a result of it. We allow the absence of accolades to force our minds into the abysmal depths of disbelief, thinking our work is for not.

“No one will buy this painting. No one cares about this poem. Who is going to read this book? I shared the Gospel and no one accepted Christ as their Savior. Is my work in vain?”

All of these thoughts, and we all have had them, lead me to the old saying, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

The answer to that is yes! The birds whose nest fell, heard it. The squirrel who last her hiding place heard it. We just didn’t hear any of them, because we were not there, but that doesn’t men it didn’t happen or that it wasn’t of great importance. The very fact that we ask the question about the tree and its sound is proof that some one witnessed its fall and thought enough of it to share the tale.

The last line of the above verse is the “meat” of this posting. It is the point. “Sing your song for TWO as you would for a THOUSAND.”

No matter how big or small your audience, give, and give with your whole heart, with sincerity and authenticity. The eyes and ears of the one person who tastes the fruits of your labors may be the one person who takes what they have learned from you and changes the lives of thousands more because of it.

So don’t be discouraged. Keep writing. Keep dancing. Keep singing and sharing, and do it for one as if it were for all!