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Purpose To Fulfill!: Awesome Message By Bishop Tony Miller

You want to know why Joshua survived the wilderness? It’s because his PURPOSE had NOT YET been FULFILLED! You want to know why YOU are going to survive the storms of YOUR life? It’s because the things you’ve been PROMISED (Your purpose has not) have not yet been FULFILLED!…YOU were born for a better day!” ~ Bishop Tony Miller WOOHOO! This WORD is on FIRE!!!!! I don’t know about you, but I have been walking through a “wilderness” for a long time, and though I have wanted to faint, the Holy Spirit said “No!” Why? Because my PURPOSE HAS NOT YET BEEN FULFILLED! I WILL survive this. My later will be greater and so will yours if we faint not! “You have to do something with what you’ve got. Its not what you’ve LOST that matters, but what you’ve GOT LEFT, because what you’ve got left is your AVENUE to what you’ve been PROMISED!” Take a listen and be blessed! ~Poiema: Poetry in Motion