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The Art of Stillness: Creative Motivation

 Sometimes using your time well or wisely is really just a matter of  being still.” ~Candice Coates via the Lord Jesus I, by nature, am a woman given to hard work. I have an inherent urge and drive to be productive, to seize the moment and bear fruits from my labor. Being still, not producing, often leaves me with an anxious feeling that I have wasted my time, time that I will never get back. The deception of that ideology is one that plagues many of us, I am sure; being still means you have wasted a moment. Years ago, I was presented with the converse of that ideology. I learned that there can be great wisdom in resting…simply being still. All too often we confuse stillness with the lack of productivity. We in the west have been conditioned to believe that if there is no movement then nothing has been done. This is actually an enemy of faith. Faith, as the Bible puts it in Hebrews 11:1, “Faith is the substance of things NOT …

Taking the Scenic Route: Moments of Creative Clarity

“…The race is not given to the swift…” ~Ecclesiastes 9:11 I am, by nature, a person who is all about using every second of every day to my advantage, constantly working out in my mind how to squeeze as much into a moment of productivity as I possibly can. I like to map things out in order to ensure that I have taken the shortest route but achieved the greatest return. I especially held this way of thinking in the world of my fiction writing. So when I set out for the third time in my writing career to complete the writing of a novel in thirty days, the first thought, besides what I would write about, was in how many words would I need to produce in a day. If you do not know, what makes a novel an official novel is the word count. This is the same with Novellas, Short Stories, etcetera. To have a novel, your manuscript must be made up of 50,000 words or more. Trusting God often means taking …

Ebbs & Flows: A Quote

Ebbs are always followed by flows.” ~Candice Coates our creativity flows out of us in so many avenues of expression. But just as it flows out of us, it will also flow back in with freshness and newness. be at peace with your creative cycle. It is as natural as breathing or even the tide against the shore; in, out, in, out…

Faith & The Fast Lane: A Quote

Faith is the key element that takes you on to live your big life. Your heavenly Father didn’t create you to live a life of mediocrity – you were created to live life in the FAITH LANE. The faith-lane is not to be mistaken  as the ‘fast lane’ because often it is just the opposite. Faith and Patience= The Promise. (Hebrews 6:12)” ~Pastor Brian Houston “Live love lead” Devotional (HEBREWS 6:9-12)  

Writing Process: A Quote

In the writing process, the more the story cooks, the better. The brain works for you even when you are at rest. I find dreams particularly useful…You can only learn to be a better writer by actually writing.” ~Doris Lessing In our pursuit of writing the perfect prose, novel, short story, let us bless ourselves with the gift of time-time enough for our ideas and visions to proof and rise to their fullest potential. After all, I would much rather have a “meal” from a slow cooker than a microwave. Let’s treat the words we weave together with the same honor and respect, especially since we intend to feed them to someone else. Cheers!