The Requirement of Time: Faith Filled Encouragment for Creatives

Anything good will often require a good amount of time.” ~Candice Coates

Scripture: I Samuel 17:24-40 (I encourage you to read I Samuel 17 in entirety.)

In I Samuel 17, we find the Children of Israel in the Valley of Elah, stationed there for forty days in fear. Why? Because the champion of the Philistine army, Goliath, has come to defy them. “Send me your best warrior!” He says. “If he kills me, we will be your servants, but if I kill him, you will be our servants.

Standing nine feet tall and likely weighing near a complete ton, it is understandable why the Israelites would see this giant and camp out in fear. Who could match his strength? Who could possibly bring him down?

No one has the courage to do so…except one–David, the son of Jesse.

Ironically, David was likely no more than seventeen years old and was a trained…shepherd, not a warrior. But he was a master of faith in the God if Israel and the world.

David was also a poet and inventor of new musical instruments, instruments he used to draw closer to the God of creation and grow deeper in his faith. To anyone on the outside looking in, David was the least of likely candidates to defeat the Philistine champion, but he was the only one who was capable.


David, even as the anointed king of Israel, took his time in the pastures, tending his father’s sheep, protecting them at all cost, and praising God for every victory. I’m sure there must have been moments when David thought, “The Prophet Samuel anointed me King, and here I am still in the pasture…” Where he was, did not look at all like what he was anointed and called to. But once the right amount of time had passed, things quickly changed.

Because of the time he spent in the pasture, he had developed a skill of defense, but better than that, he’d honed a skill of offense. The enemy just didn’t see him coming!

David knew how to use his sling to kill lions and bears and he knew to give God the glory for it. He walked into ever trial trusting the Lord to deliver him because he had spent a great deal of time learning how to do so.

And Saul said to David, “You are not able to go against this Philistine to fight with him; for you are a youth, and he a man of war from his youth.” But David said to Saul, “Your servant used to keep his father’s sheep, and when a lion or a bear came and took a lamb out of the flock,  I went out after it and struck it, and delivered the lamb from its mouth; and when it arose against me, I caught it by its beard, and struck and killed it.  Your servant has killed both lion and bear; and this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them, seeing he has defied the armies of the living God.” Moreover David said, “The Lord, who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear, He will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine.” ~I SAMUEL 17:33-37 NKJV

He’d thusly developed a discernment to know when to take action. Like with the other predators who sought to make his sheep their prey, he knew that it was time to attack Goliath. Forty days of the enemy’s taunting was long enough!

Still, David encountered resistance even though he was ready and willing to act. His eldest brother rebuked him (vs 28-30) and King Saul tried to discourage him (vs 33). Still, David heeded the tug that was in his heart by the Spirit of God!

He saw, through the eyes of faith and time spent honing skills that seemed ill-suited for the anointed king of Israel, the opportunity he had been preparing for (vs 34-37)!

Here is my encouragement to you. When others don’t see the opportunity, when others discourage you, press forward even still, especially when the Lord God Jesus Christ has prompted and prepared you.

Like David, you must:

RECOGNIZE YOUR MOMENT: David had gone to the battlefield to deliver bread and grain to his brothers, cheese to their captain, in order to deliver a report to their father (vs 17-18). But hearing and seeing Goliath, he recognized an opportunity to be used of God.

REALIZE SOME MOMENTS HAVE AN EXPIRATION DATE: I believe that, just like with Queen Esther who was elevated to the Palace of Persia to deliver the Jewish people for such a time as that, that so too, was David. However, like Mordicah warned Esther, if she didn’t seize the moment, God would raise up another who would (ESTHER 4:13-16).

REMEMBER WHAT THE LORD SAYS AND HAS DONE FOR YOU AND IGNORE THE VOICES OF NEGATIVITY: The Scriptures say, “Let God be true and every man a liar.” (ROMANS 3:4) The Scriptures also ask, “Who shall believe our report. And to who has the Arm of the Lord (Reference to Yeshua Jesus) been revealed?” (Isaiah 53:1)

Basically, whose opinion are you going to heed and are you going to forget how many times the Lord has come through for you, how He has proven that He is the Great I Am? Like David, you have to remind yourself of the other times the Lord has brought you to victory and keep pressing forward.

Don’t even let the negative voices be a motivating factor, but let the love of Christ, His glory, His promise, and His passion, be what drives you!

BE PATIENT AS YOU PREPARE FOR YOUR MOMENT: Even though David was, in God’s eyes, the official King of Israel from the moment he was anointed, David still was sent back to the pastures to tend the sheep and tighten up his sling-shot-game, and for good reason. Goliath was no pushover. He also remained humble enough to obey his father and deliver cheese and grain to his brothers, brothers who didn’t even recognize his calling, destiny, or anointing, even though they bore witness to it. (I SAMUEL 16 (vs13))

Sometimes the most hurtful thing is when we pursue the promises and purpose of God in our lives only to find that we have to do so without the support of those closes to us, namely our families. Sadly, this happens.

But be encouraged! You are in good company. David didn’t have family support. Joseph, the son of Jacob, was on his own, and our Savior even was mocked by his younger siblings about His anointing (JOHN 7:1-9)! All of their families eventually came around in the end though, it just took time.

Again I say, anything good will often require a good amount of time.  Be patient and be persistent. It’s going to require your courage through ups and downs and your trust in your Heavenly Father, but we know that because what is before us is good, we are assured that it is worth it. So keep pressing, keep preparing, and until that moment comes, keep waiting!

For my married brothers and sisters who may not have the support of your spouse. Take courage, trust the Lord, and walk in wisdom. If the vision that you have is from God, allow Him to work on your loved one’s heart. But you be of humble heart, like David. Continue to pray. Continue to hope. Continue to believe. And continue to pursue…in time.

~Poiema, Poetry in Motion


Remembering Compassion While Fulfilling Your Passion: Guest Post by Phoenix Grey

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Wisdom from the Writer’s Journal.” This week, I have the pleasure of turning over the pad and pen to a wonderful blogger and writer Phoenix Grey.

Bio: “I have been writing seriously for the past three years, though I don’t have anything published beyond what’s on my blog. I write fantasy fiction, and sometimes science fiction. I love to share my stories, and I love to read anything I come across. Words are what I feel comfortable with, they take me to other worlds and inspire me every day.”

To find out more about Phoenix Grey you can do so by following her on these social media platforms:

Now on to her amazing offering of wisdom!

Compassion In Writing by Phoenix Grey

One thing I’ve learned about writing is that it requires commitment. Especially for big projects like novels. It takes time. It takes passion.

The best advice I’ve received is to write every day, but what when this isn’t possible? What when you’ve set yourself a daily, or even weekly, goal, and you don’t meet it?

This happened to me recently. I’ve just started a first draft and set myself a goal of 1000 words a day. I felt that was achievable for me. But then, only a week after I’d started, some unexpected events happened and the words didn’t get written.

At first, I got angry at myself and felt like I’d failed. You’re supposed to write through thick and thin, right? Come what may.

Sometimes, though, you need to have some compassion towards yourself. Writing isn’t meant to be a chore, it’s meant to be enjoyable. Yes, sometimes you have to sit down and make yourself start to write when you don’t want to, but I think we’re all capable of knowing when we’re procrastinating and when real life events have to take priority.

Sometimes you’re ill, or your child is, or your partner is. Sometimes a disaster happens in your home or your job. Those things often require all of your attention.

Or maybe you get depressed and you struggle to even breathe some days. Maybe you suffer from some other form of mental illness and some days are just too much to take.

That’s all okay. It’s okay to care about yourself, your family, your bill-paying job. It’s okay to put something ahead of your writing for a little while – even a long while if that’s what it takes.

Priorities are just that. Priorities. And sometimes your writing isn’t at the top of the list. Sometimes, everything you planned to do gets abandoned due to unforeseen circumstances. That’s okay. When things are back on track, reschedule.

Personally, this is something I’ve struggled with. Once I’ve planned to do something, especially if I’ve written it down, I feel the need to do it. But plans can, and sometimes have to be, remade.

That’s okay too. Life needs to be flexible, because when it’s not, it’s more stressful. So sit down and relax when you need to, take care of other things when you need to. Don’t hold yourself to a goal set on a day, or at a time, that was easier. Be as compassionate towards yourself as you would be to others.

Words I am trying to live by:

Treat others as you would wish to be treated, and treat yourself as you would treat others.

So, what do you think? Are you compassionate about your writing? Do you struggle to forgive yourself for missing a self-imposed goal or deadline? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Kindling Spark: A Poem & Musing Moment


The Kindling Spark: A Poem

The look on his face

The taste of his lips

Was nothing short of sublime

The honey-sweet savor encompassed my soul

The instant his lips touched mine

The first of that moment

The kindling spark

Birthed fire within our dance

The flavor of passion

In an innocent kiss

Spoke whispers of Romance

*Kiss– If my memory serves me correctly the Hebrew word, ‘Nashaq’ used for ‘kiss’ also means ‘to kindle or ignite.’  In Syriac, ‘to smell.’ An Arabic translation for the word means, ‘to fasten together.’ (See

Basically “To kiss is to kindle or ignite with the scent of fastening together”. (On what it means to “fasten together,” I’m going to encourage you to use your blessed imagination.)

In short, WOW!

Adhering to this truth, one that is not widely shared among  the young in love or even those who are seasoned, I am only made to view the act of kissing as something far more sacred and special than our modern world has made it out to be.

Where some may question that at my age I have yet to ‘kindle or ignite with the scent of fastening together,’ I am made to rejoice! 

The Song of Solomon warns young maidens not to awaken love before it’s ready. To kiss too soon would be to do just that. 

This moment of musing sprung forth from the above poem that seemingly at random birthed itself within my imagination. But I will with the same purpose that caused me to write it encourage all of us to be careful with our kisses. 

This is not to say NOT to kiss your loved one. But to encourage you to view the act as sacred, special, treasured. Treat your kisses with sacred respect just as you should treat the one with whom you believe yourself to be in love.

Simply put, don’t cause smoke or fires where you have no harth or desire in which to contain them.

~Poeima, Poetry in Motion

The Impossible Romance: From Novels to Now Through Christ’s Example


The Impossible Romance: From Novels To Now Through Christ’s Example

Women love the idea of an impossible romance; where the heroin, despite the circumstances, is still found to be worth winning, worth pursuing, worth redeeming by her unforeseen love, until against all odds he wins her heart and heals its brokenness.

The recipe for most romance novels tends to stay upon that common thread. Women want to read about redemptive love.

I believe this is why women are more open to accepting the grace, truth and love of Christ. He comes as the Hero of the ultimate, impossible, love story, sacrificing Himself for a bride who doesn’t know how to love him return, doesn’t see her own brokenness, or His value upon first glance. But when she, the bride, the heroin, you, does come to herself and allows His redemptive love, she finds her home in His heart where she thrives magnificently.

adam-and-eve-60581_960_720Romance novels offer this balm to the unspoken ache that all woman carry. The bible says that we are not meant to be alone, that He created them, Male and Female (Genesis 1:26-28) and the two become one flesh (Genesis 2:23-25, Matthew 19:4-5.)

It’s the purest romance. Adam loved Eve in his nurturing cover of her and she responded in her care and creation for him. They were equal sides to a solid whole, made in the image of God. Things only crumbled when fear lead them to betray their own hearts and God’s.

Jane Austen, the inventor of the modern day romance novel, captured the glory of this theme and centuries after her passing her stories still resonate with her audiences even to the point of obsession. The woman’s heart, her inherent need for this kind of love seems to not be readily met today outside of printed pages.

Few woman, it seems, encounter the man who is willing to redeem them with nurturing covering, who will gently care for her even though she has a grand and glorious strength all her own in her pure femininity. But she can find this in a well written romance. Her need is met within the pages of a make believe tale that she can live vicariously through.

Women struggle to identify this need for what it is, let alone express it to their mates. Men, too, struggle to see their inherent need as well, to pursue, to win, and to cover. Maybe his unmet need leads into realms of certain addictions (that are not exclusive to men) but like romance novels, ease a wounded void with each taste they take, but never really satisfy, but only leave them hungrier for more.

I, too, love a good romance. I’m even trying my hand at writing several series within that genre. Being single, I long for the day my ‘romance’ will step out from the pages of my imagination and become a walking manifestation.

But in all of this, in the role playing, and vicarious living that only spritzes a need rather than fully satisfying its thirst, is the call to step out of the realms of ‘make believe,’ and aim to ‘make’ yourself be believable; the hero, the heroin of a true impossible romance.


Can you, as a woman, allow Christ to awaken your truest femininity to be the pursuable one, strong in all you are created to be, to be gentle enough to allow yourself to be protected and covered by masculine strength? Can you be vulnerable enough to allow his strength to nurture you?

Can you, as a man, trust Christ enough to allow Him to peruse your heart, not only for your own redemption, but to show you how to properly peruse and redeem the woman you’ve prayed for? Can you trust Him to strengthen you to a place to be able to give your heart the blessing of being vulnerable in the care of her hands while she creates new life within her?

For both, can we allow Christ to make us the ‘right one’ for the ‘one’ we are longing and praying for?

The art of it seems impossible. Our culture says it cannot be done. To me this is the making of the perfect impossible romance. Through Christ all is possible to them that believe.

~Poeima, Poetry in Motion

Like Magic: A Moment of Word & Whimsy #Blogbattle Week 49

We kissed and it tasted like magic. Every spark was like an effervescent burst of wonder; a wonder I could only liken to Pop Rocks. Literally, you rocked my world taking my senses from sour to sweet in seconds that felt like blissful hours. And when your lips departed mine there was no waxy residue like those false lip candies that held horrid smiles. Instead there was this craving for more that left me with this butter-finger-licking good sensation that made me lick my fingers as if they were lollipops.


I hope you enjoyed this little collection of words. It was a spontaneous thing, quite like I imagine a glorious kiss would be. Nevertheless, to read more stories by other Blogbattlers, please click HERE. This week's Keyword: LOLLIPOPS. My Genre: ROMANCE

Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!

When Words Run Silent: A Poem

When my words run silent

Will my lips do for you?

The purest kiss between us

Speak louder than my flesh

My soul alone reads the volumes

That beat within your caged heart

Share in  tandem running

Of the breaths between our breast