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Words: How Many Are TOO Many For A Single Chapter?

I just recently posted the 11th chapter of my blog novel, Ascension Graveyard, and upon copying and pasting the document in the word process here online, I noticed something…. My word count had gone over 5,000 in that chapter alone! I considered cutting the chapter but after skimming over it, I found that there was no place that would really work, and allow me to maintain the flow of the moment. So I left it as is. QUESTION? How many words are too many words for a single chapter in a novel? I like to hover somewhere between 1,000 and 3,500. I will, on occasion, allow somewhere around 4,000, but how many do YOU think is too many? PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS AND WHY IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. Cheers!

The Wisdom of Taking Your Own Advice: More on Ascension Graveyard

Just a few short hours ago, I took the time to shed some light on my recent struggle (because there have been many) with my blog novel, Ascension Graveyard. In that post, which I totally recommend you read (click HERE to so) because it has brought me to this decision, I give five words of advice to novel writers about their first drafts. Points 2 and 3 are the ones that really got to me. What they did was call me to the carpet. Ascension Graveyard has taken its sweet time in revealing its muscle and the characters behind it. A couple of the heavy hitters didn’t reveal themselves to me until I was at least a good 65k into the writing process, with at least 30 or so chapters posted on the blog. In the process of these characters coming to light, came that nudge to my creative core that I needed to introduce them earlier on in the story. I did take note to do so, BUT I have just kept plucking away …

Editing and Gym Pants: More on Ascension Graveyard

Editing and revising a first draft of a story is a lot like pulling the draw string on a pair of gym pants; everything will come together much tighter, but there will still be a need to smooth things out. The more I work on Ascension Graveyard, the more I keep the idea of reverse outlining (Link to post on Reverse Outlining HERE)  in mind, the more excited I become. The story is filling itself in, especially in places where I felt like I was just adding words for adding words sake. This happens. It is a part of the process, not just of writing but in reaching 50,000 words before the close of 30 days during  a NaNoWriMo adventure. I don’t know why Ascension Graveyard has been such a bear of a story to write for me. I have grown fond of the characters, I think the plot is fun, even if a bit dark. But the one thing I can say is that beyond all the frustration that I have had during this …