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The Art of Thanksgiving Series

“Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.” ~PSALM 136:1 November has finally come upon us and with it comes the holiday season. We begin to prepare our hearts for the Season of Light, dedicating and celebrating with Hanukkah and remembering the birth of our Saviour during Christmas. But for those in the States, Thanksgiving is the crown jewel of November. But more than a day, more than dressing and turkey dinners, there is something to be said about thanksgiving–literally giving the King of Kings thanks for all that He is and all that He has done. Giving thanks should be more than just an event that takes place once a year or even a week. It should be something that its joyfully practiced in all seasons, every day, in the good and in the sorrowful. Journey along with us here at ICFTS as we explore the life-transforming glory and blessing of thanksgiving.

A Word to the Waiting: by Briana Lassiter

Have you received promises from the Lord that your breakthrough will come this year? Has He given you specific impartations, specific instructions and specific direction about what to look forward to? Have you received attack on attack? Have you felt in a fog? Have your promises seemed untrue? Has the voice of the Lord–however He speaks to you–grown dim and hard to hear? Have you experienced pain and hindrances like never before? Beloved, we are shifting. We are moving. We are coming out and we are breaking forth in a historical move of God. We are like waves crashing on the shore, sometimes being pulled back, but gaining in momentum and power and height with each crash. We feel as if we are walking alone at times, we feel blindsided and oppressed by the enemy. We may carry the fear of being hindered and fear that we will forfeit the promises by how we are getting through this time. But we are being called forth in a new glorious way. We are being called out …