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Faith by Hearing: You Are What You Eat pt 1

“For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he…” ~PROVERBS 23:7a  You’ve probably heard that verse before, maybe pondered its truth a time or two, or maybe this is your very first time encountering it. Either way, the truth of it remains; how a person thinks that is what they are or will become. The thing is what we think is contingent upon many factors and most, dare I say all, are choice-based. What we think is a result of what we: Hear Read Watch Speak As Creatives in Christ, commissioned for a designated mission to advance the Kingdom and to live the abundant life He died for us to have, we have to guard our hearts by censoring what we read, watch, and hear. Some may be turned off by the word ‘censor,’ but hear me out. How many of us have read articles about some sickness or symptom but then suddenly began to feel them in our bodies? How many of us have watched and thusly, heard a television ad or …

Road to the Heart: A Quote

The quickest road to the heart is the ear.” ~Voltaire As much as every human has a need for physical closeness and touch, so too, do we need the closeness of intimacy via being heard. When we make the extra effort to not only ‘hear’ what those closest to us are saying, but actually ‘listen,’ we express one of the greatest forms of intimacy and care. When we listen to others we are showing them that they are important, that we value their hearts. Take the time to listen to the ones you love. You don’t always have to agree, but listening, truly listening, aids in keeping relational harmony, and we all want that. ~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!