Out to Abundance: Faith for Creatives

we went through fire and water, but you brought us out to abundance.” ~PSALM 66:12

Another translation of this portion of scripture says, “We went through the fire and through the water, but You brought us out to rich fulfillment.”

Here is what we as Creatives and People of Faith have to take note of:


Before we are able to take hold of and step into the new level that God has for us, we must be prepared for it. Who we are before the process is not who we will be on the other side of it when we take possession of what the Lord has promised and called us to.

Fire. Consider the occurrences of forest fires, not the ones that are caused by human negligence, but those that take place as a part of the circle of creation.

These fires are natural. They may cause great devastation, but, they bring greater enrichment to the ecosystem.

Water. Water, rain, are necessary for the nutrients to be able to get into the soil for the new abundance to spring forth from the newly enriched ground.

Sometimes it seems that we go from one trial straight into another. I will not say that this isn’t a difficult thing to endure, but we can endure it through and with Christ Jesus.

Now this is what the Lord says—the one who created you, Jacob, and the one who formed you, Israel—“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; you are mine. I will be with you when you pass through the waters,
and when you pass through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you. You will not be scorched when you walk through the fire, and the flame will not burn you…Because you are precious in my sight and honored, and I love you, I will give people in exchange for you and nations instead of your life. Do not fear, for I am with you…” ~ISAIAH 43:1-2,4-5a CSB

Because the Lord has loved us and has called and created us for a purpose, we can be assured, even as we go through our trials on the way to our possession that:

  1. He will be with us
  2. He will protect us from harm
  3. He will bring us out into abundance
  4. We do not have to be afraid
  5. We are LOVED

Remember, gold without fire is never purified and faith that has not been tested cannot be trusted. Allow the faith within you to be enriched by the process of the fires, sated by the waters, and mature in trusting His word as you receive the abundance that is yours.

~Poiema, Poetry in Motion


The Kindling Spark: A Poem & Musing Moment


The Kindling Spark: A Poem

The look on his face

The taste of his lips

Was nothing short of sublime

The honey-sweet savor encompassed my soul

The instant his lips touched mine

The first of that moment

The kindling spark

Birthed fire within our dance

The flavor of passion

In an innocent kiss

Spoke whispers of Romance

*Kiss– If my memory serves me correctly the Hebrew word, ‘Nashaq’ used for ‘kiss’ also means ‘to kindle or ignite.’  In Syriac, ‘to smell.’ An Arabic translation for the word means, ‘to fasten together.’ (See Bibleub.com)

Basically “To kiss is to kindle or ignite with the scent of fastening together”. (On what it means to “fasten together,” I’m going to encourage you to use your blessed imagination.)

In short, WOW!

Adhering to this truth, one that is not widely shared among  the young in love or even those who are seasoned, I am only made to view the act of kissing as something far more sacred and special than our modern world has made it out to be.

Where some may question that at my age I have yet to ‘kindle or ignite with the scent of fastening together,’ I am made to rejoice! 

The Song of Solomon warns young maidens not to awaken love before it’s ready. To kiss too soon would be to do just that. 

This moment of musing sprung forth from the above poem that seemingly at random birthed itself within my imagination. But I will with the same purpose that caused me to write it encourage all of us to be careful with our kisses. 

This is not to say NOT to kiss your loved one. But to encourage you to view the act as sacred, special, treasured. Treat your kisses with sacred respect just as you should treat the one with whom you believe yourself to be in love.

Simply put, don’t cause smoke or fires where you have no harth or desire in which to contain them.

~Poeima, Poetry in Motion

From Fire & Ashes: A Poem & Word of Faith

Oh sweet fireflame-1013280_960_720

Oh sweet fire

Burning from embers

Kissed by gales of rushing wind

Charred black my loveliness

Til all seems lost

And I must start again

Bring forth new life, Oh sweet fire

From death spring fertile ground

In the wake of your scorching pyres

Is where my future will abound

Oh sweet fire

~Candice Coates

From Fire & Ashes: A Word of Faith & Encouragement


Fire rips through the hilly countryside, leaving devastation in its wake. All seems lost. Hope is suffocated in the thick choking smoke that rises from the ashes of what used to be treasures and dreams. 

And when the orange and black fades, giving way to sunlight, nothing can be heard but mocking silence. The fire has one and all is lost.

…Or is it?

If you live long enough, if you haven’t already, you will drink of your fair share of disappointment. Something will come and snatch the proverbial rug from beneath your feet and leave you on your back winded.

None of us are  immune to it. There is not inoculation to prevent tragedy or disappointment from burning through the plains fo our lives. We have no choice deciding if ‘fire’ will come, but we do have the choice of what we accept as true in regard to the ‘fire’.

Maybe it’s the fire of losing a loved one, being let go from a job that had you anticipating promotion. Maybe it’s a relationship that suddenly ended. Fire. It came out of nowhere and left nothing behind it but ashes.

The glory of the fire, however, is that though it burns the life from what we see, it sets the stage for incredible rebirth beneath the soil in what we cannot see.

Dozens of studies over the past two decades have shown that a severely burned forest is a living, thriving habitat that has always been a natural part of western forest ecosystems. Severely burned forests are filled with animals that feast on superabundant food, such as insects and seeds, created by the fire. Anyone with the opportunity to experience a severely burned forest like the Rim Fire is blessed with a cacophony of birdsong, the hum of insects, and a wildflower and pollinator show like nowhere else on the planet. ” ~Some Like It Hot: The Truth About Forest Fire by Monica L. Bond and Richard L. Hutto

The Word of God encourages us with the hope that He (God Yeshua Jesus) will give us beauty for all of our ashes (Isaiah 61:1-3,  Luke 4:16-21). But to get that beauty there has to be a fire. For gold to be refined, there has to be a fire. (1 Peter 1:7)

I take hope and heart in the truth of God’s Word in Romans 8: 28  And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” not just because I’ve read it, but because I’ve lived it.

What we need to be grateful for, despite the temporary burn of life’s fires, is the truth that not “some” things but “all” things work out for our good. God recycles what was lost to bring us greater beauty and gain.

Sometimes it takes the fire to set us free. The very fire that the three Hebrew boys went through in the Book of Daniel Chapter 3, the very fire that was meant to destroy them, was the very fire that removed their bindings. (Verses 23-25)

What is even more glorious is that Yeshua Jesus was walking in the fire with them, the same way He is willing and wanting to walk in the fire with all of us and to bring us out free and refined! (Isaiah 36:7-9)

The truth we need to cleave to about the ashes that seem as the glaring reminder of what we once had or what we once lost, is that those ashes are the very thing that fertilize our soil and enrich it to produce better fruit and stronger foliage.

We must decide whether or not we will  remain buried beneath the result of the fires or if we will allow those ashes to be tilled on our fallow ground to bring forth a new and greater harvest!

Sing oh barren woman! God is faithful good is coming even out of your ashes! Isaiah 54

Oh, sweet fire!

~Poiema, Poetry in Motion

Fire in the Blood: A Free write Part 2 of Dark Sky

Louvo felt her blood turn into ice as the black shadow of the winged creator etched its silhouette against the face of the clouds of smoke. The wall of fire seemed to roll down the hills, closer and closer to her and sister, so close that the stone was beginning to grow hot.

“Kah-” Louvo gagged and coughed, the acrcid stench so thick that it chocked her sisters name from her throat. Kahleem had never been this skiddish nor foolish, not even when their mother had been killed, not even when their father died protecting them. She had always been so strong.

Over the last few months, Kahleem had begun to lose herself in the midst of day dreams. Life was hard for the two of them. Kahleem had begun to wonder what the world was like outside of their mountain village, away from the world they had grown up in, especially the last seven years of it. 13676596171kasg

Kahleem had been chastised for her curiosity, never by Louvo but certainly by others. Two teenage girls, left penniless and without a a means to provide for themselves were fit for nothing more than slaves, and that is what they had been reduced to upon their parent’s deaths, slaves.

Everyone knew that slaves were not allowed to dream, not if they meant to complete an honest days work and earn their keep. But Kahleem refused to cease her dreams. “Dreaming is in our blood. “ She had cried to Louvo the last time she had felt the sting of bamboo against the bare flesh of her thighs.

Their mother and father had always told them about the dragons and why they slept so closely to their village. It was believed, as the nursery rhyme went, that “Some of their kin lived among the sons of men and so they slept and dreamed of them.” Louvo held her little sister close to her, soothing her as best she could anger welling in the pit of her belly with a heat she had never felt before.

The only words that could come from her soul as she soothed her sister suddenly sprang to her mind as she reached for her through the darkness. “So is fire.” She had said.

Louvo snatched her hand back out of the darkness, her skin beginning to crawl. Forcing herself she peered back into the dark of the cave and stared at the dark shape the was her sister, should have been her sister, but suddenly she knew better. Kahleem had run away from their hut some weeks ago but had come back before the sun had risen. She had come back…different.

“You are not Kahleem.” Louvo hissed.

The figure stilled in the darkness, a tiny rumble followed by sparks from her lips, lit the darkness. “You are very wise.”


If you have not read part one, called Dark Sky, follow this LINK.

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Dark Sky: A Free Write Part 1

The smoke rolled over the mountains  like a heavy blanket, smothering everything beneath it, and blocking out the sun. The sky, once blue, was saturated by the cloak of grey.

Anyone far enough away would have thought it was nothing more than rain clouds pulling across the sky. But this was no rain, it was fire.1382470355ix82z

The roar from over head, shook them to their bones, jerking them into fearful gasps, silencing their screams. What could have been mistaken as the clash of of rolling thunder and the whip and crack of fiery lightening was actually the war cry of a dragon.

Louvo snatched at her sisters hand, callous upon callous, and tried to pull her from her hiding places. The younger woman resisted her. She even drew deeper in with the crescendo of roars and smoke that came at them from above.

Louvo coughed and tried to keep her stinging eyes opened. Heavy gusts of wind from massive wings were making it difficult to stand. She cursed under her breath and cursed whoever it was who had roused the dragon. “Kahleem, please! We have to get away from here!” Beads of sweat stung her eyes as she peered through the thickening darkness of Kahleem’s hiding place. It was a shallow hole, covered up by two massive boulders.

There was at least eight feet of space under there. It was good for hiding from trades men who sought to steal away brides from their tribe, but it was no good for unearthly beast, no match for dragons.

Louvo reached into the darkness again just as a fountain of fire fell upon the trees no more than 60 yards from them. Then came the chill as the dark shadow of the beast circled above them.


I didn’t forget: A Poem

I didn’t forget

Ink Illustration by Candice Coates
Ink Illustration by Candice Coates

Your words hit like a cannon

Blasted through my armor

Left my heart beat stammering


You set my world on fire

Burned me down to cinders and exposed my desires

Light breathes

Dark sighs

Thoughts swirl all around me

Floating on the wind and crashing currents that I can’t see


I didn’t forget…How your touch broke through

Seared passed my layers

My flesh branded with your tattoo


Is the force of this motion

The shifting of my world is like a storm upon the ocean

Laden with the hope of the calm from peace

Driven with the fury that put me down to my knees

I didn’t forget


This poem, to me, is like a hall of doors. Each line has far more to say than has actually been said. The last couple of months for me have been like being caught in the eye of a storm. Not so much in a bad way, but in a way that makes it clear that I can’t bring the issues swirling around me to a level of order…not on my own Things seem to be completely out of order. The good news is I have peace. Trusting in Him (Messiah Yeshua/ Jesus Chirst) gives me hope. He is in control here. I don’t need to be like Carrie Underwood and scream “Jesus, take the wheel!”  Nope. He has got it.  Like a child being born, I depend on Him. But the process of the storm, and the swirl and whip of the “winds” can make a person moan with agitation. His work in me (in us) can often be painful, but the process is worth it.  Birthing is traumatic. Growing is often coupled with pain, silence brings clarity. I am at the brink of something. And this I will never forget!



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