Graphite Sketch of the Face

Today I decided, again, to continue my practice with the use of graphite on paper, Cretacolor Monolith, graphite pencil to be exact. That familiar but waining hesitation was felt the moment I decided to use graphite instead of something that I am more confident in manipulating such as ballpoint pen or colored pencil.


I recognize that my hesitation or fear is born out of a mental lie that I have somehow bought into, and I feel that confronting that lie is the sole reason why the Holy Spirit nudges me to start this journey with graphite…for now.

I spent around forty minutes working on this face. I can already see where I have some discrepancies with proportions, still, I am satisfied with dealing this ‘dragon’ one more deadly blow as I gain back my confidence with using graphite.


It is very likely that I will revisit this image again in the future, but with the medium of colored pencil. Then, we shall do a compare and contrast, maybe even next Wednesday.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


Sleeper: A Drawing

“Sleeper” by Candice Coates. 50 minute drawing done in Indigo Blue, Black, and Aquamarine Prismacolor Colored Pencil


I decided to forgo the usage of a frame with this drawing. I felt like allowing the gradation of the unbleached sketch paper to show through from the scan of the piece. I decided to let that be frame enough in order to not have anything competing with the drawing its self.




Untilted Sketch

15 min sketch in Prismacolor colored pencil
15 min sketch in Prismacolor colored pencil


Today I decided to sketch a man. There is no particular reason behind my choice, but I will say that there was a bit of hesitation in capturing his face. I think my hesitation has to do with a subconscious thought. Men have harder lines than women…some men in contrast to some women, rather. Anyhow, I am not completely unsatisfied with the end of this 15 min session but I realize that I will have to remind myself to approach each form with freedom and not with “notions”…if that makes sense.