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Words…Use Them Wisely

Life is more than words, but words do make up our lives. Have you ever considered how the simplest of words can change a person’s attitude either for the good or bad? Even the words spoken without verbalization have such great power. Consider a person who feels utterly alone, ignored and unseen. Let a stranger smile at them, genuinely smile at them, and that non-verbal interaction, those ‘words’ spelled out without sound, can push away the dark clouds in the recipient’s day. “Life is more than words, but words do make up our lives.”   God created the whole of creation with just His Words (Genesis 1). He spoke and it came to be. Our Lord Jesus is the Word made flesh (John 1). He too spoke and things happened. He spoke to the fig tree and it died (Mark 11:12-25). He spoke to Lazarus and he was resurrected from the dead (John 11: 38-44). Being a person of faith I am compelled not to take language and words lightly even though I often stumble, …

Road to the Heart: A Quote

The quickest road to the heart is the ear.” ~Voltaire As much as every human has a need for physical closeness and touch, so too, do we need the closeness of intimacy via being heard. When we make the extra effort to not only ‘hear’ what those closest to us are saying, but actually ‘listen,’ we express one of the greatest forms of intimacy and care. When we listen to others we are showing them that they are important, that we value their hearts. Take the time to listen to the ones you love. You don’t always have to agree, but listening, truly listening, aids in keeping relational harmony, and we all want that. ~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!

Will You Create With Me: The Hope of Future Writing Prompts

Last year, about mid-way between starting this blog and now, I started developing Writing Prompts and Exercises. For at least the last few months I have not created a single prompt, as I have been striving to get my life in order so that I can have more time working on the blog and writing my beloved novels.  As March was reborn this 2015, I found myself asking the God of Creation, what was I supposed to do now that there were no distractions to keep me from blogging. I mean yes, the simple answer is to create blogs, but I am a person who likes to “sow” and not “throw” my seed if you get what I mean? In answer to my query, Yeshua Jesus gave me the simplest answer; “Do what you did at the beginning.” What did I do at the beginning? I allowed art to bear fruit in whatever way it saw fit, but I allowed it to do so within parameters. In short, I made a deal with myself and …