It Was A Start: Flash Fiction Results for Monday’s Muse May 9th 2016


It Was a Start

He glanced at his watch and choked on a nervous knot. He was already running late and yet he’d still not written a thing. They were just simple words, should have been and yet his mind remained as blank as the page before him.

How in the world did a man who had been forced into the ‘friend-zone’ by his own request, tell the woman he’d kept at arms length that he was madly in love with her?

Acknowledging that truth, chewing on it in that moment with the same bite that he put to his pencil made his palms sweat.

He loved her. He loved her beyond fleeting feelings and lies that potential partners often told each other just to make a good ‘sale.’ No. he genuinely loved her. The thought of not being with her, not being able to hold her hand or taste her rosy lips made his heart ache.

He was oh so curious to find out what Grape jelly Pizzaz lip balm tasted like.

He’d even found himself imagining a starter home in the burbs with a dog called Rocket and a little girl that had her freckles. He felt like a sap, but a determined sap.

What was  a relationship if it wasn’t founded on friendship?

Odd, how he’d spent so much time praying the Lord would send him the ‘one,’ when all the while she was right there, across the hall in apartment 8. They’d known each other for almost a decade, met in youth group.

Well, she was the youth at sixteen, he was the too cool for his own good twenty-year-old youth leader.

It wasn’t until their paths crossed four years ago that they’d started being friends, real friends. Then she dropped the news about her teenage crush, one that had followed her to that moment.

He gently shut her down, still seeing her as the girl who sat in the back of the room with the oversized hoodie and black frame glasses, and a messy bun on top of her head.

She’d agreed to be friends, just friends when he pestered her into it. She’d begun to avoid him, but something in him wouldn’t let that stand. He needed to be her friend. He realized he was being selfish.

But he truly enjoyed her company. He simply liked her, but now he more than liked her. He wanted to give her all the things she desired in life, laughter and joy, happily ever after.

He wasn’t even a romantic that way, but somehow between laundry nights, cartoons on lazy Saturday mornings and conversations about each other’s work days, he’d grown deep roots for her.

Glancing at his watch again, he blew out a breath and put the pencil to the paper praying that his words would be enough. He wrote her name in all caps, followed by a comma and simply began with ‘I love you’.

It was a start.


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