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There’s a way to do it better-find it.” Thomas A. Edison

For over a year now I’ve been coming up with plans to reinvent this creative platform in a way that makes my soul sing like it did from the very first moment that I gave birth to it.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post regarding this topic, my creative needs have changed and so have the ebbs and flows of my musings. What was once just a space to journal my creative growth, has morphed into something different and it continues to change even as my vision for my writing future becomes clearer.

With the recent launching of my author site:, and the promotion of my Battle of the Books, my time is divided as is my creative focus, all for good reasons.

This blog was created to harness reawakened creativity and it has certainly met its goal and continues to.

That being said, I am trying a new thing here…again…with how I manage this blog space.


I have visited this topic several times and have come back to the same place.

  • 3 posts a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday

…That seemed easy enough.

The more difficult part of this was/is determining what to continue here on this platform.


  • Creative Writing
  • Blog Novel (MORE ON THIS BELOW)
  • Musings and Creative Inspirations
  • Faith
  • Art

If you have been following this blog for a while, you are probably wondering what happened to Wisdom From the Writer’s Journal, where I give writing tips, encouragements, and host interviews or guest posts? If not, then you should be, but I digress.

What I have decided to do, after mulling it over for the last three months, is move WFTWJ to my Author Site. Because this is where I will be highlighting more of my indie Publishing journey and focusing solely on the craft of creative writing, it only makes sense for me to move WFTWJ to that platform.

So if you were digging Wisdom From the Writer’s Journal, FOLLOW MY AUTHOR SITE!

I will still continue to share writing inspirations and encouragements in more of a conversational way, hence the bullet for musings and creative inspirations.


Our greates weakness lies in giving up. The most certian way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” ~Thomas A. Edison

For going on four years this June, I have been writing and rewriting Ascension Graveyard. I have made it to a good, 90k words, only to turn around and rework the peace. I have shared chapters here three times going all the way up to over 30 chapters at a time.

Ascension Graveyard..jpg 2

I have worked hard…and I have found that though my labors have not been in vain, they haven’t yielded the desired fruit.

That being said, a fourth rewrite is in order. By this, I don’t mean just another round of editing and weeding currently existing chapters, but completely rewriting the book at least 85% from scratch.

I will be honest, I have had this idea for over a year and the thought of actually giving it a shot makes me a bit skittish, but I have to trust my creative flow and give it a go.

When will new and hopefully improved chapters of the paranormal science fiction suspense thriller be available? I don’t quite know yet.

I hesitate to make a time commitment as I have done so several times already only to have to push it back.


  1. Blogging Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  2. Creative Writing, Art, Faith, and Encouragements for topics
  3. Rewriting Ascension Graveyard to share soon!
  4. BONUS: Follow my author site and partake in the Battle of the Books!

Thanks for sticking with me this long and continuing on this road with me. Creative is indeed a winding road of its own and the scenery it lends often changes!

See you Wednesday.


~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


Once Upon A Time…Why I Started This Blog and Why I Didn’t

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, (less than two years if you want to get technical) I started I Came For The Soup.

When I started this blog I had one goal in mind, and that was to harness creativity, fan flames into raging fires, and create, create, create.

I have said this a few times before in other postings. You will have to surf through my archives to find those posts as I have no idea what they are called at the moment.  Here is a link to a posting called Keep To the Path that first touched on the current topic of this blog posting.

What’s important is raw creativity and spiritual growth,  to become better at what I am doing, to turn this spark into a sustained fire.”

Every now and again, I find that I need to give myself a reminder of not WHY I created this space of expression and bonding, but why I did NOT create this blog space.

If you are curious as to the “whys,” read my About Page, the Welcome Tab found under About, or How It All Began. I even created 4 rules for myself just as a daily reminder (Rules taken from “Keep To the Path):

Rule # 1. Keep to the path. Always remember, this blog is about discovering your new light and creative world. Let that be your beacon towards every post.

Rule # 2. Don’t take yourself too seriously, this blog is playtime. Playtime is fun and adventurous.

Rule# 3. Give what you have at the moment and spruce it up later. (Pictures are lovely. I would like to illustrate some of the Freewrites I have done but clearly this will have to happen later. It wouldn’t make sense to stress over it now.) NEVER FORGET THE POWER OF A QUARTER!

(There is a Blog called “The Almighty Quarter” found under the Daily Words in the Musing tab if you are interested in reading it.)

Rule# 4. This is not a 9 to 5, this is “Creative Therapy”. If you forget to nourish yourself first you will faint before you are able to give something satisfying to others.

Great rules, huh? I even went as far as to give myself 3 MORE statements of “why.”

Frustration forces us beyond our fear and complacency because it has caused us to become uncomfortable, thus pushing us to do whatever it takes to gain our ease again.

  • My Vision: My vision is to grow and take advantage of artistic freedom. As an artist I would like to harness a new level of  artistic expression. As we grow our signatures change. I would like to discover 1 or 2 visual styles of expression and polish them into coherent and clear artistic signatures. I want my writing to flow easily from my imagination into typed or written words, without hindrance and over thinking. I mostly just want to have fun with the process in general. As I discover these things and sample different avenues of expression I will share.
  • My Voice: Even as I create with freedom I want to do so with purpose. I want to discover the voice of that purpose and speak it loud and clear.
  • My Doing: I want this blog and journey to be the catalyst for the creative and spiritual journeys and discoveries of for others. I want to inspire my readers and watchers to create and grow, and inspire others to create and grow. I want to discover more of me and I want others to be inspired to discover  more of themselves. (Taken from the About tab in Main Menu)

None of this has changed really. Actually what I am facing now is the frustration of NEW VISION and a CLEARER VOICE, as I struggle to express myself in a NEW WAY OF DOING.

Frustration, if you don’t already know, is a speed bump in our road of progress. Frustration is not always an enemy, as speed bumps are not the enemy. What it is is a tool. Frustration causes us to pause in our “doing,” take note of what is missing, and change our course of direction to take hold of what is we need.

Frustration forces us beyond our fear and complacency because it has caused us to become uncomfortable, thus pushing us to do whatever it takes to gain our ease again.

Frustration… is a speed bump in our road of progress.”

My current frustration is in my rhythm. Its like going from driving an automatic transmission car, to a stick shift. You need to drive, you just don’t know how to use your vehicle to the fullest…yet.

That being said, I am fully committed to polishing the “Newness” that has grown out of my previous seasons in order to take to the road again with style.

So, frustration in hand as a tool, why did I NOT create this blog?

  1. I did not create this blog to gain a sense of worth. Let’s face it. If you blog, you have been bitten by the “statistics bug” at least once or twice. You have pouted over low views, follows and ratings. This is not a “road bump.” Falling pray to this kind of bite is like a cancer that threatens the very life of your creativity. DON’T GIVE IN!
  2. I did not create this blog in order to be regimentedSchedules are good things, but I need to be careful with them. I can easily lose my “glow” by becoming legalistic with my sense of “order”. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are my absolute blogging days, but I will most likely still post in between. Creativity is not on a schedule.
  3. I did not create this blog to look like the blogs of others. It is tempting to see the success (stats and what not) of other bloggers, the popularity of their content, and seek to follow their lead because of it. Although it is wonderful to admire and even borrow some techniques, if you just become a “copy” of someone else, then why are you even blogging?
  4. I did not create this blog for it to be a chore, filled with “have to’s.” This blog is and remains an instrument of growth. Growth happens naturally and not out of force. I don’t HAVE to post, but I should as I have the voice and spark to do so. Anything else is inauthentic and just not welcome.

With all of this being said, I take my keys in hand and I put myself behind the wheel of my new creative vehicle. I hope that my frustration and growing pains are helpful to you all as well as encouraging.

Thanks for riding along with me, and if you have any words of advice or encouragement of your own, please do share!



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Polishing Up the Premises: Spit Shining One’s Blog

I had the pleasure (which is a daily thing as it has become a part of my routine) of reading a post by Blonde Lucy (post can be found HERE) highlighting all the joys a blogger feels when someone has rummaged through their blogging archives.

She hits on how exhilarating a blogger feels when a post they wrote say last year, receives a brand new like! I tend to agree with her. It is wonderfully encouraging.

Her blog posting came right around the time I was considering creating a new tab in my Menu where all of my favorite posts could be found. Truth is some of my Thinking Ladyworks I have loved far more than others. What better way to let that be known than to give them their own hall of fame?

So  during the time I took to mull this idea over, I also began to notice that some of the other subtitles in my Menu needed a little pick-me-up. As a result I have done a bit of editing there too.

Let’s face it, our direction and confidence level as bloggers has grown and changed since we first began these journeys of ours. The scenery has changed as well.

I have rewritten my About Me tab as it was far too wordy. I have also done a bit of polishing with my Welcome tab (both found under About tab.) I think I even did a bit of fiddling with About itself but I can’t be certain…its kind of a blur.

I have had a lot on my mind this week.

Anyhow, I think it is a good idea to take a moment and tighten up ones blog. After a year or so, things tend to get a bit dusty. The barn needs a fresh coat of paint.

I will keep you abreast on any major changes I may make in the future, but for now I think this is it.


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I think I am on to something: A continuation of thought from last year

If you have taken the time at all to read through the posts found under “About” on this blog, then you are aware that I created this blog in order to do one thing, and that is grow as a creative voice.

I have taken the time to break down how I would like to grow, where I would like to grow, and what kindled this desire. I am not going to go into that right now, but you are free to take a read through (just click the word “about” and also hover over “about” to read other things) whenever you have the time.


As I leaf through my sketchbook the images that draw me the most are the ones that I have done using colored pencil. I fell like, and this may not necessarily be a GREAT thing but it sure ain’t bad either, that the instant gratification that I get from doing a drawing in colored pencil is far more satisfying than any other medium that I have used over the past year. colored pencils

Not only that, but more ideas jump into my mind about how versatile colored pencils are. Mixed media work is something that I love to toy with and lately I have been wanting to do some illustration involving oil washes, acrylic, and colored pencil.

As it comes to available time, colored pencil are perfect because I can get the mental result and clarity in an hour with them, whereas with just straight oil painting it could take days, weeks, months, and depending on the painting…years.

Ink, especial medium size ball point pen, is nice too, but its not archival. 1367526801v08km

So with that in mind, I am heavily considering focusing my future works on colored pencil, while also throwing in some other mediums. Recently I found out about Winsor & Newtons Watercolor markers, and my goodness how I would love to use those. I shall as soon as I purchase them.


You guessed it. I have more to say about Ascension Graveyard.

I have a confession of my own error with this book.  Here it is; SOME OF MY CHAPTERS ARE WAAAAAAAAAY TO LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG! I mean, 4,000 words to a chapter, really?!

Having that many words in ONE chapter is acceptable, maybe even three, but I think I have done it 6 times and that is just too much. So of course I will be fixing that during revisions.

I think the cause of my long winded chapters has to do with the inclusion of Etta’s journal entries. What I realize is that I can totally have two or three chapters under the same journal entry. They don’t have to embody one chapter alone.

Heck! I could even go as far as three chapters per one journal entry if that is necessary. So I intend to fix that during revisions as well.

Yes, that will change the flow and tone of the story, but that is to be expected. After all, this is a free flowing first draft born out of a NaNoWriMo experience from the month of June 2014.


Possibly. I really just want to flow with more purpose and order. Be more consistent. Let’s face it, we all have busy lives. We all have other people, tasks, family happenings that draw on our precious time, but we still need to stay in the game. We created our blogs for a reason and that was to be a blogger.

I kind of feel like if I get a proper drafting/art table I will be more purposeful with my art as well.

We shall see.

I do have a question for all of you superheros out there, how do you manage to keep to your craft and balance the other duties in your lives?

And before I forget, here is a video I found on youtube about the watercolor markers, should you care to try them yourselves.


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