Future Plans Ahead!: Summer Schedule for ICFTS

Hello, Friends and Fellow Creatives.

I wanted to take the time and interrupt our weekly schedule, this month of May and give you all the scheduling information for ICFTS for the Summer months.

As it stands, ICFTS has weekly postings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. These posting consist of Creative Motivations, Monday’s Muse Writing Prompts, Writing Prompt Results, and Faith for Creatives.

With the summer months approaching, so too, do plans for vacations and more outdoor activities not only for myself but for my fellow creatives. With this in mind, a break from regularly scheduled posting is a must and will be something done annually with ICFTS.


ICFTS will be on posting sabbatical for the months of JUNE, JULY, and, AUGUST. We will return to posting articles on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 3, 2018, with fresh new content, and prayerfully new voices and topics to grow us all along our creative adventures.


As stated, many Creatives will be off on vacations, spending time outdoors with family, regrouping and connecting with friends. Family and relationships are key to healthy creativity and is encouraged. This break will ensure that you don’t miss a beat here on ICFTS, giving you the time to focus on those closest to you.


During the break, I will be working on new topics and content for ICFTS, working on my writing, as well as focusing on creative rest as well. THERE WILL STILL BE MOTIVATIONAL POSTINGS ON OUR INSTAGRAM PAGE SO FOLLOW US THERE TOO!


In addition to the break, specific tabs under MY JOURNAL will be removed from the ICFTS platform but will have links that will lead to my AUTHOR SITE. These tabs are ART and FICTION.

My goal in moving these tabs is to make ICFTS more streamlined and focused on helping others to grow in their creativity rather than showcasing my own. After all, ICFTS is my creativity and faith in action.

While Monday’s Muse Writing Prompts will still be created on ICFTS, my results, as well as my other fiction pieces, and any created visual art will be posted on my author site.

Thank you so much for continuing the journey with me and ICFTS and exploring your creativity in the summer sun to come!

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER! 


Creative Intermission until Mid-October

Hello Creatives,

Candice here! I want to first thank you all for continuing with me on this creative journey of faith, art, and fiction. Just this morning we wrapped up ICFTS’ very first Free creative course, Sow the Seeds & Seize the Dream. 

If you didn’t get a chance to partake in the creative journey, there is no better time than now to begin! We all have a creative voice and today is the very best day to use it.

With that in mind, I wanted to give you all a heads up on the short break I will be taking form ICFTS. I have some new things that I would like to share in the very near future and in order to do so I need to take time to prepare them. For that reason, the weekly schedule of postings will be on pause until OCTOBER 16th, 2017 at the earliest or OCTOBER 23rd at the latest.

I may drop in here and there to post something random in the meantime, however, so be on the lookout.

Thanks again for all of you who have joined this community, shown your love and support by liking articles and even going as far as to share them. I truly appreciate it all, especially the comments.

Growing creatively is best done within community!

So off I go until Monday, October 16th!…or the 23rd!


Candice Coates

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


Well Worth It: Flash Fiction Results for #Blogbattle Week 56 & Monday’s Muse Feb 8 2016


Well Worth It: Flash Fiction

I didn’t care what anyone had to say. She deserved it, every icy, pin-pricking sting that hit her face and made her stupid blouse crinkle. I especially enjoyed the way her glasses sat eschew on the bridge of her nose, a nose that was begging me to sock her one.

I’d always been the ‘blessed child,’ as my mother used to call me, a stickler for coloring in the lines and following the rules. I was, indeed the predictable, safe, choice for just about everything.

But today, no, the last few months had worn my resolve thin as oiled tissue paper. And so, rather than taking several breaths and turning the other cheek, I acted on impulse.

The glass was already in my hand when Cassidy began to drip her poison from her ruby lips. I’d begun to image the color was from blood stains. She was a blood-sucker. She had an indiscriminate way of choosing her victims, hounding them with petty jibes, underhanded comments, and back-stabbing behaviors, all given with a smile as she wheedled her way up the corporate ladder.

Blood-sucker, straight from Hades. Cassidy Wellhagin was strictly unholy. Today, however, she had received a blessed baptism with an icy rebuke to follow. The red marks from where the ice cubes had thunked her in the forehead had begun to peak through her pale skin.

The staff cafeteria was eerily quiet, that was until I burst into a fit of laughter. I’m not quite sure if it was from Cassidy’s still frozen posture, the fact that I’d done something so out of character, or that my boss was approaching the two of us as if he were trying to defuse a hostage situation.

He even flinched when I sat the glass back on the table. “No worries, it’s all gone.” I offered him an assuring smile, said Cassidy’s name as if in thanks, before turning on my heels and heading towards the exit.

I had no hope of retaining my job one minute past that stellar moment. Assault is generally frowned upon at the workplace.

But the applause that followed me as I made my grand exit was certainly well worth it.


Better late than never, I say! Today is Blog Battle Tuesday, with the KEYWORD: INDISCRIMINATE and by GENRE: CONTEMPORARY, but I’ve decided to marry the occasion with a well overdue completion of a Monday’s Muse prompt from February.  Click Monday’s Muse to see the original prompt and rules. To read more stories by other Blog Battlers, or to join the challenge yourself, click HERE.

Dream. Imagine. Belive. Do. CONQUER!