Dreams Don’t Expire: Creative Motivation

Dreams don’t have an expiration date.” ~ Jesse Duplantis

As long as there is still breath in your lungs and life in your heart, there is still time for you to achieve your dream. Dreams are seeds, and with all things born of seeds, they have their season to grow.

The word of God says it like this,

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” ~ECCLESIASTES 3:1 KJV (See vs 1-8)

Maybe your dream has not yet come into its season. DON’T. GIVE. UP! There is still time. Maybe you are someone who has invested many years, along with tears, into a vision that seems to remain fruitless or blurred. Again I say, don’t give up.

If you know in the center of your being that what you are aiming to do is from God, and screams to be birthed, no matter the obstacles or the detours, keep holding out in faith and keep cultivating what is inside of you.

Joseph had many dreams to become a ruler, but it took seventeen years of sorrow and trials before he had developed the character to reign over Egypt.  (GENESIS 37-44)

Even Moses had to spend some time in the wilderness–forty years to be exact–before he was able to truly take up the mantle of deliverer of the Children of Israel from Egyptian bondage.

Abraham, the Father of our Faith, had to weight twenty-five years before the child of promise, Isaac, was conceived from the barren womb of his wife Sarah.

All of these people of faith had to operate in faith, no matter the challenges before they received what they dreamed of in their spirits.

So do we.

The truth is that dreams don’t expire, but people can sometimes in the midst of a seeming defeat throw them away.

Don’t throw your dreams away. Take whatever steps you can today to prepare for your tomorrow. Little seeds bear great fruit if cultivated with care. Keep the faith and keep pressing. Your season is yet to come!

Those who sow in tears will reap with shouts of joy. Though one goes along weeping, carrying the bag of seed, he will surely come back with shouts of joy, carrying his sheaves. ~PSALM 126:5-6 CSB

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!



Getting Back on Track: Musings For the Future

Every now and again, I feel like I get a bit discombobulated with the juggling of the mundane things of life, sudden unforeseen demands, and surfing the wave of organic creativity.

1421164706sgnzyI like to have a plan, where everything has a place. I like order.

One of the things that seem to knock this girl off track is the idea that just because things are going according to MY plan that I am off track. I couldn’t be more wrong.

Being a person of faith in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) I know that my footsteps are ordered. I know that as He says in Jeremiah, His plans for me are good. So even when things look messy and out of bounds, that doesn’t mean that they are.

Starting over with my blog Novel may not have been part of my plan, but it will be good for me. I believe that.


  • Well, I want to anticipate my next moves for the coming week. I plan to spend next week reading through the 44 chapters I have written for Ascension Graveyard, keeping what is viable and bidding farewell to what is not.
  • I want to reconvene with Musing Monday’s Writing Prompts. I miss those.
  • I also want to start creating other Writing Prompts that I did earlier on last year. Those were so much fun and the results were amazing.
  • I want to honor the Quarters (Click HERE to read more about that) of time dedicated to my art and free writing, which are the backbone of this blog.
  • I just want to inspire others, and do so with a smile and ease.
  • I want to follow the beating of my heart and create and focus on what it is in tuned to in whichever given moment. This is listening.

What I am saying is that getting off track is often a perspective thing. My perspective has been a little off, but I praise God I am in my right mind again.

See you next week!


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