Meet the Team

20180812_182713-02I’m Candice Coates

Hello and nice to meet you! I am Candice Coates, the Founder of ‘I came for the soup…’, this unique platform designed to harness creative voice through Christ-centered Faith, Arts, and Vision.

My mission with ICFTS is to encourage and guide others to rediscover and take hold of their dreams and unique creative voice, in order to step out in faith and give life to their vision.

I am a storyteller at heart. I cannot help but dream and imagine, write, sketch, and play. I live most of the hours of my day in the secret places in my head. When I returned home from Europe in 2013, I wanted to share the creative light I discovered there with others, share the stardust of the dream.

As I am typing this the imagery of Peter Pan comes to mind, taking the pixie dust and sprinkling it over the Darling children, telling them they can fly if they think happy thoughts.

I have started to gain height since the dawn of ICFTS, leaving the confines of gravity behind me and the only way to ascend higher into the heavens is to keep thinking happy thoughts, keep creating with the authentic voice that the Lord has given me even as I invite you to discover and ‘sing’ with your own.

ICFTS began as a blog, chronicling my growth as a Creative alone. Sharing my thoughts, my work, my created children, bubbling inside me like fizz in a bottle of soda pop.

When a woman first finds out that she and her spouse are about to have a child she can’t help but share the joy. She is weightless and glowing. Even though her belly may show no evidence of life, her beaming smile speaks volumes and her joy breaks out in others, uncontainable and contagious.

I am “pregnant” with so many ideas, so much wonder and it is bubbling out of me and I want to share this with you and draw out your Christ-given creativity, vision, and dream.

I came for the soup… is one of the greatest dreams to date!

I want you to have that joy, give birth to your “children,” and create as the Father created us to, being fruitful and multiplying to His glory! I want you to grow and (re)discover with me.

My prayer is that ICFTS will be artistically transforming for you, and every article and moment shared in this creative space will be like taking a snapshot of every second of the seeds of life planted inside of you with words!

It is so nice to meet you!

To read more about me and about my creativity and fiction, you can find me here at my author site,  as well as on Instagram, and Facebook. You can also find out more about me and how to stay connected by going to

In Him always,

Candice Coates