I’m Candice

20180812_182713-02Hello and nice to meet you!

I am Candice Coates, the creator and creative voice behind ‘I came for the soup…’, this unique and glorious platform designed to harness creative light through Christ-centered Faith, Arts, and Vision.

My mission with ICFTS is to encourage and guide others to rediscover and take hold of their dreams and unique creative voice, in order to step out in faith and give life to their vision.

I am a traveler at heart and look forward to stretching my wings and filling my passport in the months and years to come, all with the desire to grow more of my muse so that I can help you develop yours.

I am an aspiring fiction writer, as well as an artist, on the hunt for a more refined artist’s voice.

I am a lover of Ireland! Tea is my JAM,  and just about anything with pistachios and dark chocolate makes my heart sing. When not writing, or developing content here on ICFTS, I am creating visual art with pen or paint, apparel, and goods for the ICFTS shop, ICFTSenc, or new designs for my handmade polymer clay jewelry line, Shizen Brook.

To read more of about my fiction work you can find me here at my author site, www.candicecoates.wordpress.com.  You can also find out more about me and how to stay connected by going to www.about.me/candicecoates

In Him always,

Candice Coates