Share your Grace

Have you been blessed and encouraged by what you’ve gleaned from I came for the soup…? Please, let me and others around this creative table know. As Revelation 12:11 states, “…we overcome by the words of our testimony.

Leave a comment sharing how you’ve embraced your authentic voice and vision, and taken the next steps to conquer your dreams, and how your creativity is shining with a brand new authenticity.

~Candice Coates


One thought on “Guestbook

  1. I believe Candice has been a vessel God has used to inspire, encourage, and challenge me! She always has a word of inspiration, encouragement, exhortation and most of all prayer. She has truly been an inspiration to me as I venture down the path of entrepreneurship. Applying the principles she has shared have been invaluable to me. ICFTS is indeed a wonderful resource and you will not regret “coming for the soup”. ~ Abi

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