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A Weekend of Rest & Revelation by Briana Lassiter & Candice Coates

This past July I (Briana had the privilege of participating in a girls’ getaway with one of my dear friends, and the founder of this ministry, Candice Coates. While we had anticipated our trip being a work trip full of progress on the business plan for the ministry, maybe a model created for our creative retreats, some articles written and revelation given, much to our surprise, this trip had a different agenda from Jesus. Fittingly, this trip took place in the middle of a teaching done by Candice on resting to success and I think Jesus thoroughly enjoyed giving us an active portrayal/example of what that looks like. And while great progress on our to-do lists was certainly made, we quickly recognized that progress flowed from naps in the sun, quiet journaling while watching the sunset and the fireflies appear, walking through a bookshop or stumbling upon another artist’s historic shop and creative life work. Progress was made as we laughed through the night about foolish movie lines. It was made as our souls were …