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Be Brave

Updated from August 26, 2016 “Promise me you’ll always remember–you’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” ~Christopher Robin to Pooh Being discouraged by circumstances or challenges is easy. It’s deciding to overcome them and be victorious that takes courage and strength. The beauty is, just like with any muscle, whenever there is resistance applied and a pushback given in the face of resistance, do we see strength and growth occur. Our courage, our hearts, require healthy doses of resistance in order to grow strong. Whatever you’ve set your heart to do, be brave in your doing. Discouragement can always be turned on its head and be the stepping stone to CATAPULT you to your goal. If the dream is in you, it only means you were meant to see it as a reality. Be Brave and keep creating! ~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER! *Photo by Simon John-McHaffie on Unsplash

Learning To Relax: Abiding Fruitfulness

“God never hurries. There are no deadlines against which He must work. Only to know this is to quiet our spirits and relax our nerves.” ~A.W TOZER  The word of God instructs and comforts us in Isaiah 40:31, that they that wait on Him shall have their strength renewed. But most of us seem to struggle in our fast pace world to not only slow down but even to wait. We find the urge to rush ahead, to be hurried in not just the seemingly grand things in life but even the small and simple things. We rush to get dressed in the morning, rush through prayer, rush to get the kids fed and off to their activities, all so that we can achieve some goal, that even once we have met it we still don’t quite feel fulfilled. The truth is even though our Heavenly Father has called us to abundant life, abundant life, contrary to what today’s culture says, is not found in rushing and striving, but in resting and abiding. Christ knows …

What It Takes: A Message For Success

“It takes time to be a success, but time is all it takes.” ~UNKNOWN What we desire in this life, what we aim to achieve if it is truly a worthy and honest endeavor it is worth the time it will take to make it manifest. Don’t allow the progress of others to discourage you in your journey. You are in a race against only one person; yourself. The prize at the end of this race is having achieved your highest potential. This crown only fits your head. The choice is yours. Time is in your hands. Determine to take one step at a time. *Revised from November 6, 2015 *Photo by Leon Macapagal on Unsplash

Gaining Status: Faith for Creatives

“If you are always seeking a certain status to validate who you are, you’re never going to have peace. You can’t climb up to find yourself. You have to find yourself so (that) you can climb up! You have to know who you are so you can climb to status.” ~ Bishop T.D Jakes In all that we do, in every attempt to succeed, we are inherently challenged with the idea of “Status.” Even with something as simple as social media postings, we find ourselves judging our positions, condemning ourselves for not having X amount of followers or X amount of likes or views. “The proof is in the pudding, the validation is in the numbers“, we tell ourselves. We allow this wrong mindset to convince us that we are not worthy of what we are doing. This becomes our sad gospel when in reality these things are not completely relevant. Consider King David. He was a youth between the ages of twelve and fifteen when he was anointed by the Prophet Samuel as King of Israel (I Samuel 16). …

The Impossible Romance: From Novels to Now Through Christ’s Example

*Revised from March 3, 2016 Women, as well as some men, love the idea of an impossible romance; where the heroine, despite the circumstances, is still found to be worth winning, worth pursuing, worth redeeming by her unforeseen love, until against all odds he wins her heart and heals its brokenness. The recipe for most romance novels tends to stay upon that common thread. Women want to read about redemptive love. I believe this is why women are more open to accepting the grace, truth, and love of Christ. He comes as the Hero of the ultimate, impossible, love story, sacrificing Himself for a bride who doesn’t know how to love Him in return, doesn’t see her own brokenness, or His value upon first glance. But when she, the bride, the heroine, does come to herself and allows His redemptive love, she finds her home in His heart where she thrives magnificently. Romance novels offer this balm to the unspoken ache that all woman carry. The bible says that we are not meant to be alone, that He …

All Things Beautiful: Faith for the New Year

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.” ~ECCLESIASTIES 3:11 The Year 2019 is the start of a new season, a new day, a new year! As with most people, many of us are stepping forward into the newness of the unknown while leaving behind so much. Maybe you lost a loved one. Maybe a relationship ended. Maybe you didn’t lose those last five pounds that you planned to shed at the start of 2018. The good news is it is okay. Christ Jesus, the God of all creation, knows your heart, and He knows the steps you take. If you trust Him, no matter how frozen the world around you may seem, (or for those of you who live below the equator experiencing sweltering heat) soon and very soon you will see and feel the warmth of the Son (sun) breaking through the ice and revealing all the goodness of …

The Words We Live By

Revised from September 15, 2015 “I don’t live by people’s compliments, because if I lived by their compliments I would die by their criticism.” ~STEVEN FURTICK Whose words are you living by (on)? Man’s OPINION of you will change, but God’s remains the same. The Lord Jesus said in Matthew 4:4 “…It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” To live off the Words of God is to live and rest in the truth that you are greatly loved, fearfully and wonderfully made, that you are delighted in. These are the words of life. These are the truths that pierce the darkness and let the light break forth within us. Live off the Words of your Daddy God, spoken by the Word made flesh, our Savior Jesus Christ. He is the Light and He is the Life (JOHN 8:12). Let us all live off of life. ~Poiema, Poetry in Motion *Photo by Shelby Miller on Unsplash

The Art of Tireless Pursuit: The Expression of Faith in Creativity pt 3

Faith is not only defined by giant leaps but is often reflected in the tiny steps.” ~Candice Coates A few years back, I was sitting in front of my television, watching some show on HGTV, eating a plate full of room temperature leftovers (good leftovers nonetheless,) when a thought popped in my head: You will never know where you are going if you never take a step.” ~Candice Coates The thought seemed simple enough, for, as I was watching HGTV, eating room temperature leftovers, I was also thinking about this creative platform, my writing career,  my art, and all the other things I had planned to do in that year which seemed to have been getting derailed from every angle. Truth be told, I am still thinking about all of these things. But when I first had these thoughts, I was thinking about my serial-blog-novel, ASCENSION GRAVEYARD. I will be honest, AG (for those of you who are just now tuning in, AG is my blog novel that I started writing in June of 2014…it …

Time: A Quote

Time is really the only capital that any humanbeing has and the only thing he can’t afford to lose. ~ Thomas Edison The Prophet Moses wrote in Psalm 90:12, “Teach us to number our days, that we might gain a heart of wisdom.” As we draw to the close of the civil year, 2016, my prayer is that each of us would take to heart what we still have left to sow during this time, and all of the blessings that are ahead. Let us make good use of the time we have, numbering each day, loving the ones around us, and creating like the world’s existence depends on it! ~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!