Shizen Brook Handmade Fashion Accessories is NOW OPEN!


Hello friends! It does my heart glad to be able to share with you the re-launch of my handmade jewelry line!

WHAT? Shizen Brook Handmade Fashion Accessories

Shizen (she-zen) is the word for ‘nature’ in Japanese. I aim to make each polymer clay item with its own natural beauty, inspired by the beauty of nature.

WHERE: You can find great gift items with more to come at my Etsy store by going to

WHEN: NOW! Go there now! Tell your friends, support handmade, small business! Do you know a gal who loves a touch of ‘roxy’ (my word for flare, character, nerve, similar to ‘moxie’) or even a friend who likes something more subtle but still just as classy, you can find it at Shizen Brook.

Each bead is hand-rolled by yours truly, and crafted with the utmost care.





Thanks for you support, and spreading the word to all your fashion-forward friends!

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


Girl: Digital Gesture Drawing

Jester Drawing by Candice Coates
Gesture Drawing by Candice Coates

Girl: Digital Gesture Drawing

I am not one to do much or any drawing on my tablet for that matter, but today as I sat with my tablet in hand I just couldn’t resist. I am one of those people you tends to see the something in strange objects; be it in the clouds, dust on a table top, or in this case, the shoe treads left in the floor rug. Goodness I’ve even seen images in spilled bottles of bubbles.

This image is, as with all gestrures, extremely rough. For one it was drawn on my tablet with my finger as I have not invested in proper stylus. Truth is I use my tablet to download and read books and little else. Well, there is the Two Dots game I play and the Duolingo app I employ to keep up with my language learning. The point is I don’t draw on it…until today really.

I just couldn’t leave the girl with her back towards me stuck in the floor rug. I intend to take her further, preferably through oil on canvas. But for now, here she is in digital ink, scrolled to life by the tip of my finger.

Dream. Imaging. Believe. Do. CONQUER!

Looking Up: A Drawing

Original Drawing by Candice Coates done in Prismacolor Colored Pencil
Original Drawing by Candice Coates done in Prismacolor Colored Pencil

Looking Up: A Drawing

Back at the dawn of this blog in December of 2013 I had made it a point to draw or sketch at least 5 days a week for at least 15 minutes a day. I am beginning that trend again and I feel incredible about it. This drawing “Looking Up” was done just shy of an hour.

Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!

Taking Hold: A Sketch Part 1

Original art by Candice Coates done in Prisma Color Colored Pencil
Original art by Candice Coates done in Prisma Color Colored Pencil

Taking Hold: A Sketch

It’s been far too long since I allowed myself the time to sketch and breath. I took somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes to hash this out and although I feel like a knot has been worked out of my creative muscles, I still have the itch that says ‘you could have done better.’ For this reason I’ve decided to give this image a few more tries. Stay tuned…

Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!

Trees: A Sketch & Meditation

Gnarly Trees

It has been a long while since I have sat down and drawn something out of nature. It has been a few weeks since I have drawn something at all, and I found that more than my fingers were itching to create visually, but also my heart.

Change groans for new creation.

I have always had an affinity for trees and their form, especially how they relate to us as humankind. Trees dance like we do. They go through seasons of change, but even in their barren seasons they continue to hold strong their roots because they recognize spring will come again. Their glory will come again.

There is so much we can learn from them, lessons of life, faith, love, new beginnings, growth and fortitude.

Job 14:7-9  For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease. Though the root thereof wax old in the earth, and the stock thereof die in the ground; Yet through the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant.”*

At the scent of the Living Waters from Heaven, the Holy Spirit, given through faith in Christ Jesus, we too can live again. There is hope for us as well.

~Poiema, Poetry in Motion

*Scripture taken fro the KJV bible

Fairest Lily : A Poem and Illustration

Fairest Lily padded away

Original Illustration by Candice Coates. Done in Ink and Watercolor
Original Illustration by Candice Coates. Done in Ink and Watercolor

Her footsteps light as the glow of the day

Breaks and ripples upon the streams

Of wispy wanderings

And hopeful Dream

Sickles and crystals of laughter in flight

The loveliest  music

And sweetest Delight

Through forest of fancy

Of hearts left besotted

Through fields of lemongrass

Rimmed with palms of white Cotton

Candied with springtime

Winds of lightning and Thunder

Rolled in her musings

Of footsteps and wonder.

Asaph Timby 2: Drawings and Sketch


Prismacolor Pencil and Acrylic
Prismacolor Pencil and Acrylic

Yesterday I posted a profile drawing of the character from a novel I have yet to write, Asaph Timby. Since I couldn’t shake the need to draw again, (not complaining) I have spent the better part of 4 hours doing just that.

Asaph Timby Front.jpg Double


As far as artistic expression goes, the front facing image of Asaph is quite nice, BUT too handsome for the character I am seeing in my head. Yes, the front facing image is with his head slightly (and I mean slightly) tilted forward, whereas his profile is slightly angled upward. I have to say I am pleased with both, but as far as the character goes the one in the Pink is more Asaph Timby than the one in blue.

So…I made the one in blue scowl a bit…

Asaph Timby Front.jpg 3


…I mean being creative is all about taking chances even when we can’t undo what we have done…Its all good though. And STILL the PINK ASAPH wins as the closest image to the character.

Here is how the front view drawing all began.

Asaph sketch


In the end I feel full. I am also relieved that I have jpeg images of all the drawings so I am not out of one image.





Asaph Timby: A Drawing

Original Colored Pencil Drawing done with Prismacolor 2015
Original Colored Pencil Drawing done with Prismacolor 2015

Asaph Timby is a fictional character who I have been thinking about for at least two years. I have yet to write his story, but I have thought about him often, his four children and his love interest.

For me, a big part of my writing process is to have a face to go with each character. I generally look for images of people who resemble the characters that I am imaging. Asaph unfortunately has such a hard lined masculine face (I mean he just looks like “man” for lack of a better description.) so it was kind of hard to place him until the other day.

Although Asaph is a Black man, the closest face to his is that of model, David Gandy. I would say he has charisma but he is not pretty. Ruggedly handsome, definitely.

This is my interpretation of the character yet to fully be born. I plan to do a face forward illustration soon.


Lips: A Sketch

Ink Sketch by Candice Coates (15 Min Sketch)
Ink Sketch by Candice Coates (15 Min Sketch)


I love drawing in ballpoint pen. I love the fact that you have no ability to “undue” a stroke that you have made. Whatever you do, you have to do it on purpose, and any mistake you make you have to figure out how to work with it or run the risk of scraping your entire piece. (I could however do without the “blobs” of ink that roll of the pen head every now and again.)

We need to take the same approach in life. We need to go at all challenges and goals with purpose, but learn how to use our failures as stepping stones towards our goals; work them into the masterpiece of our destinies.

As a believer in Christ, I rest secure in the Word that says,

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

All means…well, All. There is hope in  knowing that, but with the “all” is the word “purpose”. We should act and do and create on purpose, for good, and rest in knowing that no matter what, no matter the unforeseen blob of ink or unintentional smear, all things will work out, even the best intended misplaced stroke.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!