Blog Novel: Ascension Graveyard

To view Ascension Graveyard Table of Contents, please Click HERE! 

To read about the creative progression of Ascension Graveyard, feel free to click HERE!

ALSO, do keep in mind that this is a work in progress, a first draft in all its glory, still not yet finished. Future chapters will be added as they are written. (For chapters that already exist, they will be added as they are “tweaked” to accommodate the new vision for the story. For more on that topic click HERE.)

Be mindful that there will be typos. There will be punctuation errors (Yikes!) but most importantly, there will be a story, willing to listen to all of your creative and kind feedback. See a typo, please speak up, and during editing I’ll clean it up! 😉

Your comments and feedback matter, and help to make a potentially “good” story into a “great” final piece. So do feel free to leave constructive criticisms. They are much appreciated.

Cheers and Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Blog Novel: Ascension Graveyard

  1. Thanks sorry for the confusion. If you look in my top menu of the blog there is a tab for the novel under that tab is the table of contents. But I had the thought to add a link to each chapter to the table of contents. Thank you for pointing this out. It is much appreciated.

  2. I am going to add the table of contents to this page as well but off you hover over the tab in the main menu it will drop down 2 additional tabs, one of which is the table of contents. Thanks again.

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