Abiding Fruitfulness: 40-Days of Resting into Success

Resting to Success

Welcome Creatives to this 40-Day Session, of Abiding Fruitfulness. We, at ICFTS, are so grateful to the Lord Who has called us into His rest and blessed us to share in it with you!

Each week, beginning Tuesday, July 9th and then on the following Sundays until August 18th, a new video with fresh content will be shared on our Facebook Page and our site page. We will explore what the word of God has to say about Rest & Success, as well as the art of posturing our entire beings to partake of both.

Each video will have a set of questions, a weekly reading, as well as a task to complete before the next week, and a song of meditation. You will also be able to find the typed questions on our website.


  • A Journal: You will want/need to take notes and record your process, progress, prayers, and any revelation the Lord is showing you.
  • A willing, honest and open heart and mind: You may find yourself challenged spiritually and emotionally, not to mention, productively. Come to the table with a willingness to hear and learn and most of all glean.
  • Expectation: You are joining us for a reason and have found us for a reason. The Lord is waiting for you to speak your heart and share your expectations, those between a Loving Father and the most Beloved of Children–You! Share your heart with Him and be ready to hear His.

We are so looking forward to this time with you!

In Him Always,

Candice, Founder of ICFTS

SESSION 1: Intro Week

  • SESSION VIDEO: What is Abiding Fruitfulness
  • SUGGESTED READING: Knowing God or Knowing About God by Briana Lassiter
  • WORSHIP SONG“Reveal” by William McDowell -feat. José Garrafa
    • What does Summer mean for you?
    • What emotions, feelings, thoughts are associated with this season?
    • Is Summer a season of rest for you, why or why not?
    • What is the first thought that comes to mind when you think of the word ‘Abide’?
    • Do you believe that abiding can make you fruitful? Why or why not?
    • What is the first definition of success for you?
    • Do you believe that success can be found in abiding with Christ? Why or why not?


  • SESSION VIDEO: The Root of Abiding
  • SUGGESTED READING: The Art of Stillness: by Candice Coates
  • SCRIPTURE PORTION: John 15:5-8, Jeremiah 17: 5-8, Psalm 23Psalm 1
  • WORSHIP SONG: Peace, Be Still by The Isaacs
  • QUESTIONS: (If you haven’t already done the questions from Session 1, work on those.)
  • TASK: Allow yourself 5 MINUTES of quiet/stillness time. You can lay your head down and nap, sit outside (my recommendation) in God’s creation, just simply give your heart, mind, being five minutes of stillness especially to allow God to speak. *NOTE* this is a time in addition to your devotional time.