Coffee With Character…Or Tea. How to Get to Know Your Fictional Characters: A Creative Writing Exercise #WritingTip #Writing #CreativeWriting

Writing is such a cathartic expression. Be it used to create poetry, something literary, or a piece that is completely outlandish and full of adventure, writing is indeed a breath of fresh air. As writers,… More

3 Curious Ways to Build Character: Wisdom from the Writer’s Journal #writingtips #amwriting

When you build a character, you are really fueled by curiosity not answers. ~Andre Dubus III I believe Andre Dubus III put the art of building characters in perfect perspective. We as writers are indeed… More

How to Tackle NaNoWriMo: My Advice To You (Day 5 of Countdown) #NaNoWriMo #Writing

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Picture It!: Creative Writing Exercise #CreativeWriting #AmWriting #WritingAdvice

One of the most overlooked parts of writing, one of the main characters who seem to always fall into the shadows of the background, happens to be, well, the background. I don’t know about you,… More

Things might get a little weird: Ascension Graveyard Update

Piggy-backing off of my recent post “complaining” about the leisurely movements of Ascension Graveyard, I have to come back and give all you readers a heads-up. I mentioned in the other post that Etta has… More

The Balancing Act: How to Balance Blog Life by Kristin

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Chapter 11: Ascension Graveyard By Candice Coates #SciFiBlogNovel

Chapter 11 The week couldn’t have gone by fast enough. The tension in the air was so thick it was almost suffocating. Etta felt like she was watching a train wreck and was powerless to… More

The Barrier: Short story: Results from Monday’s Muse June 8th

Thursday is FINALLY here! I have been wanting to share my results with you since Monday, when I wrote them. I hope you enjoy this story. I truly see much more coming from this than… More