The Triumph of Transition: The Glory in Going From One Dimension to the Next

“It’s not all easy, but I think it’s all awesome.” ~KRIS LANGHAM

I am pretty certain if anyone sat down and told a caterpillar the work that it was going to take not only for it to transform into a butterfly but just to able to break free of the future environment that would keep it safe–which would also soon become the very thing that would potentially hold them back and captive–that they would rethink the whole metamorphosis thing and likely stick to a flight-less existence.

But then…maybe not.

I think the guaranteed results of flying would be too much to resist. Nevertheless, transformation takes time and transition. Being able to fly is a right that comes from gaining power and strength from the struggle found in the process born of transition itself.

If a caterpillar never struggled to break free of its cocoon–the place that once was its protection while in transition–it would never have the strength to take to the skies.

There are dreams and greatness in each of us, but to see those dreams manifest there must be change and maturity, transformation in transition.  We must gain strength through the struggle.

Change is never easy. It can actually be painful, but oh when you gain the fruits of the change and see your goal and dream take flight it is oh so AWESOME!

For more encouragement, see CHANGE IN THE WAITING! Be encouraged!

*Revised from August 18, 2016

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