Say Cheese: Choosing to Be Lighthearted in the Season of Love

“Cheese is my love language.” ~BRIANA LASSITER

February. Few things come to mind in our world, especially in the western hemisphere concerning this month, beyond the thought of Valentine’s Day, love, and relationship.

From preteen clear up to senior citizens, people scramble to not only find the perfect gift for their special someone but to actually have a designated ‘someone’ with whom to share the day with.

This rush begins amid the new year’s scramble of weight loss plans, fasting for the future, and of course resolutions for a better you which often means a not-single-you.

But more times than not, many of us do remain single during this time. And can I be bold enough to say that is MORE than okay?

“I’d rather be single and satisfied than boo-ed up and burdened, or married and miserable.” ~CANDICE COATES

There are so many reasons to be joyful not just during this month, but every day, yet it seems during this month of love many seem to struggle with it.

When we start off each year with the attitude of needing to be in a relationship, no matter the compromises that will be demanded just for a status change, we are setting ourselves up for heartache, failure, and another year of licking wounds that we could have avoided.

We lower our standards and accept things in our loneliness that we wouldn’t tolerate any other season of our lives…we tend to make decisions out of desperation and that is always a dangerous and costly thing.

Now, I am not at all saying that we should not be open to love finding us before Valentine’s Day, or that even sharing a date night with someone of interest is a bad thing. What I am saying is don’t lose your peace, your focus, or your joy over one day of the year no matter what relational status you may currently have.

Instead, I encourage everyone out there to make the decision to smile and to find joy where you are and with whoever the Lord has blessed you to be with.

Laughter does the heart well. If this is a sensitive season for you, make plans now to do something that will bring your heart joy and laughter and share that moment with someone close to you. It could be a comedy night, having a ladies potluck dinner, swopping gifts among friends.

Secret Santa doesn’t just have to be for the Christmas season. Maybe it’s time for Caring Cupid where we give gifts through a name exchange on Valentine’s. And let’s not forget the blessing of treating yourself! I did that last year and it was so amazing! See Treat Yourself! for more on that.

Make a decision to be consumed with delight. Make the choice to allow laughter and joy to be your love language. Make the decision to bring a smile to someone else, be that a coworker, your single sibling, your best friend, your parent or grandparent.

Whether you are cracking a smile of delight this month or enjoying a buffet of dairy deliciousness in the cheese variety just remember to smile. Remember life is good and worthy all month and all year long and there is much joy to be had therein!

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” ~PROVERBS 17:22

Scripture to read for further encouragement:

Psalm 126:2

Genesis 21:6

Psalm 118:24

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!

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