Jesus in the Leaves: Seeing Christ in the Season of Transition by Regina Hernandez

Autumn and Spring are my two favorite seasons.
I love them for so many reasons but mostly because they both represent transformation.

My one complaint about Autumn is: it feels like the shortest of all the seasons, especially in the south where it seems to last only a week or two at best.

One of my favorite facts about autumn is: the green in leaves of trees comes from the chlorophyll; so when a tree begins the process of dying for winter and produces less and less chlorophyll, the yellow and orange we see are the true colors of the tree’s leaves.  In the process of a tree dying, of losing life, we see it’s true colors.

Those colors have always been there, they have just been hidden by the overabundance of life-giving chlorophyll. Even better yet, those true colors are a little different from year to year depending on how much the sun, heat, weather, and other factors have played a role in that tree’s life for the past three seasons.

When I enter a season of transformation that includes dying… dying to flesh …dying to self …it gives me an opportunity to see the true colors of who I am.  It reminds me of why I need His life-giving presence in my life. It reminds me that while I am beautiful by myself, He sustains me.

Without his life-giving abundance, I may have beautiful colors, but I do not have God’s chlorophyll running through my veins.  I need Him to live. I abide in him, and he in me…and about the time I that see I still need Him, the next best fact about autumn and color-changing leaves comes into play.

Red. Leaves are naturally yellow and orange. Green is present because of life… food… nutrients… but what about red?

Red is created by anthocyanins.  When the tree realizes it is exposed, it begins to produce anthocyanins that come in to protect the leaves.  They soak up over-radiant light to prevent damage to the exposed leaves and protect the little bit of chlorophyll that is present.

Isn’t this what Jesus does?  He comes in when we are exposed and covers us with his blood to protect us and reduce the damage from outside elements as we transform.  He knows what it’s like to die, exposed for everyone to see. So, as we die into Winter, he sits with us… covers us… protects us…

Every autumn I see the changing colors in the leaves, and I feel this sense of peace.  I reflect on the times when God has pulled back and Jesus’s covering has transformed the real parts of me that are exposed.

Autumn marks a time of full maturity and what better way to grasp the maturity of our hearts than to see Jesus in the leaves.


FB_IMG_1541335866152Regina Hernandez: I am a woman on an adventurous journey of fully stepping into the identity Christ has spoken over me. I am wife to a most amazing man, and we have two children: a joyous two-year-old little boy and a sweet six-year-old daughter on the autism spectrum. Together, we are destined for greatness, and once our testimony is fulfilled, the power of Christ will be undeniable to anyone who hears it. The Holy Spirit has blessed me with the most amazing gifts of creativity, communication, and prophecy. My desire in life is to combine these gifts in hopes of encouraging others to embrace their God-given identity, find true free

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