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Choose Your Own Adventure: Learning to Choose Christ’s Narrative Series Intro

The Lord has given you a mission…a vision…a call…an impossible dream. You set out with courage to conquer the goal, but you are met with great resistance.

Mountains stand in your way even though He has said He would make your pathway straight. Weapons form, drought consumes valleys in the place where He promised there would be rain.

But He promised victory. So, now what?

Do you walk by faith or do you rely on your sight?

You are now faced with choosing your own adventure. Will you read the pages that the liar and enemy of your soul has penned or will you turn to the pages of Christ’s Truth written for you?

Whose story will you make your own?

CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE is a series dedicated to helping the Children of God trust Christ’s narrative for their lives, circumstances, and situations no matter how tempting it is to speak out and cling to the enemy’s.

The challenge is real but the adventure is worth it! We just have to focus on the right Narrator and Narrative. The choice is yours.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER! 

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