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My Favorite Read: Made Wonder-Full by Candice Coates

One of the most humbling blessings of having a writing ministry is that I not only get to speak to the Children of God and encourage them in their faith-walk and identity but that I too get to be encouraged by the words the Lord has placed in my heart to share.

I often liken myself to a stenographer; I write what I hear and share that with others. This week, in My Favorite Reads, I want to share Made Wonder Full.

Wonder Full.png

The reason I want to share this read is because of the simple and yet powerful truth that it embodies: You are made with wonder!

The Creator of the Universe, the Everlasting Father, created you, His beloved child with wonder! What is wonder mean?

According to some definitions, Wonder in the noun form means, “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.

“Not only did the God of all Creation create you fearfully, but He knit you together, which means He got personal when He formed you! You mean so much that He made you from scratch with His own hands.” ~MADE WONDER-FULL

You can read the complete article by following THIS LINK. Also, remember to share it with others!

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