Vision in the Gap: The Crushing pt 2

The theme of ‘gaps’ has been swirling around my spirit for a few months now. At first, facing the gaps, acknowledging that they are indeed there and that there is a palpable distance in between myself and Christ is, at first, staggering, then confusing, and then later tempting.

The temptation is not one of a negative sense, but it is one that drives my spirit into a desire for more, a thirst for more of Him; more closeness, more revelation, more outpouring. JUST. MORE!


Taking the first steps of faith to question the Lord about the gap, I found that the distance was and is an invitation for the more, the teaser reel to the grand adventure that awaits me, and all of us, if we will step forward in faith.

The gap is created as a call to lay claim to what is already ours, to realize that we have victory over every fear, worry, circumstances, spirit, and mountain. But gap by stretching gap, the Lord calls us into communion and agreement with Him each time we put what has been hidden under His love and feet under ours. (See Stepping Forward in Faith: Crushed in the Gaps for more.)

But there is more…


Not only does the Lord allow the gaps to be created so that we step forward over what He has given us victory over, and is now calling us into agreement with Him concerning that truth, BUT in those moments He also exposes familiar spirits and lies from the enemy that we need to come OUT OF agreement with, within this gap.

The distance caused in the gap brings us to a place where we fix our focus on Christ and pursuit of Him as we draw closer, but it also pulls us further away from the lies we didn’t even know we were believing as truth.

In this place of the gap, when the enemy comes roaring like a lion we know that he is indeed false!

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” ~I PETER 5:8

The ‘sobriety’ that comes from our faith being made to focus exposes the lies and the liar for what they are while blessing us to become more solidly rooted in Christ, the Living Word and Truth!

Our wrestling for greater faith to meet Him where He is waiting on the other side of the gap blesses us to dwell in an impassable distance between where we stand in a fresh place of faith in Christ and where we will never see those old enemies again (EXODUS 14:13).

There is victory in the gap. There is life born from the gap. Have faith and step forward beyond them.

*Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

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