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Walking on Broken Bones: Receiving Healing You Never Knew You Needed

*Revised from January 14, 2015

I am sure that you heard the saying in regard to broken bones that, “If you can walk on it, it’s not broken.” I am even willing to bet that you have not only heard that saying, but that you have said it before as if it were the truth.

And if you, like me, have said this before, then it is a safe bet that you didn’t know that the converse is the truth.

You CAN walk on a broken bone and never know that bone is broken. Actually, the only way to tell if a bone is broken assuming it is not bent improperly or protruding from the skin is for a Doctor to get a deep look at it by way of an x-ray.

For all of us born into this fallen world, born into sin, we go through life walking on broken bones. We are hit by hands, and often times far worse, words that sink into the core of our very being that draw blood from wounds so deep that we often forget they are there.

We do our best to take all of our cares to Christ and allow Him to heal them, but sometimes…sometimes we carry wounds from so far back in our childhood or younger adult years that may predate our rebirth in Him and we just…forget they are there and we walk, with Him on broken bones.

What had once been excruciating pain, one so intense that it made you moan in tears, has now dulled down so much that it has become like white noise and you don’t even notice it anymore.

You assume that it is in the past, you are over it, you forgave, when all the while you are bleeding on the inside, and bearing strange fruit from a wounded root you don’t even know is there.

Beloved ones, we all walk on broken bones. We don’t do it because we are careless. We don’t do it because we have a desire for revenge towards the ones who have wounded us. We do it because we are human, conditioned to “get over it” even if, though we cease to speak about it or even remember “it” we are certainly not over “it.”

So imagine what it would be like to break a bone in your body, lets say your femur or thigh bone, never get it properly fixed, but walk  around on it for ten years until you finally meet a Doctor, or have a Doctor friend who out of noticing your slight limp says, “I can fix that, but it is going to hurt.”

What would you do? You have been living all this time not noticing the limp, but the evidence of it shows in the uneven wearing away on the soles of your shoes, the uneven footprints that you make, the tenderness you feel in your lower back or hip that you just can’t seem to work out.

What would you do, realizing this slight pain that can be alleviated with a dosage of massive pain that will leave you much better in the end?

I am sure that if you, like me have been walking with Yeshua Jesus for many long years, you would probably question why He had not bothered to heal these things a long time ago.

I did. I asked Him, when He began unearthing hurts and pains in me that I did not know I had, and the pain was so intense that I would say, “Stop it! Or I am done with You! I will walk away!

I asked Him why He would wait nearly 22 years in our relationship to start mending bones that had broken when I was five or eleven?

What was His answer? “I knew that if I started touching those pains when your roots were not deep in Me, that once you felt the pain and said you were walking away from Me, that you would have walked away. But because your roots are deep in Me, although you say such things in response to the pain, you will not go away.

This is truly His grace. Because I (and many like me) was not ready to endure the pain it would take to heal such wounds, in order to enter into the next level of glory that He desires for us to have, He waited…until I was ready in my roots in Him to heal it. He who knows me best, knew that I (we) was ready.

Now, some of us are in the position where He is breaking these bones and resetting them for good. And it may look like on the outside that this is a satanic attack, that God is not favoring you, that He has forgotten you because of the pain, but the truth is completely the opposite.

In order for us to be better, sometimes He has to break us to make us better. An old break has to be broken freshly in order to set properly. He has to revisit that wound and He has to bring you with Him into it in order for you to see it for what it was and know it for what it is, HEALED!

My desire is to encourage you as I encourage myself. To remind you that He is with us in our troubles, that He loves us unrelentingly, tenaciously and unconditionally, and even when it looks like the opposite is true–because the pain has blurred our vision–to remember that that is why we are called to walk by faith and not sight (II COR. 5:7).

I encourage you all to read aloud, Psalm 77. The Psalmist begins his plea asking God has he been forgotten? Has he done something wrong for God to take away His goodness? He begins to question the character of God because of his pain, but THEN, he begins to remember God’s goodness and his soul comes to rest.

We, too, must remind ourselves of His goodness and character even in the face of the pain. For His thoughts for us are for good and not evil (JEREMIAH 29:11)!

I pray that even if just a little, those of you who are going through have been encouraged, and for those of you who will one day stand in the valley, that you will remember these words.

Until then, know that you are greatly loved and that the Great Physician is doing a mighty work on you and that the price of this oil will be worth it!

*Photo by Chris Jarvis on Unsplash


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