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Simply Beautiful: Micro-Fiction by Candice Coates

It was a simple room, done up in a simple state and yet it was nothing short of simply beautiful.

The wood floors were well worn and just as well loved. The darkness of the grain showed signs of wear but also echoed with the song of yesteryear that tickled her ears and made her heart dance with each click of her low heeled shoes.

This was a blessing.

She had prayed for a place of her own, no matter how grand or small and God had answered her. Her prayer, much like King David’s, “Not too much Lord, lest I forget You. And not too little that my hands itch to steal.” Those were her words and He had answered ever plea of her heart.

“Thank You,” she whispered with a sigh as the lacey sheer drapes blew into the room on the gentle spring breeze as if the hand of God was hidden within their folds welcoming her to her new abode.

“I’m glad you are pleased,” the older woman, Ms. Mcnaughten, answered not knowing the thanks was meant for Christ and none other although she was grateful for the woman accepting her rental application.

Ms. Mcnaughten rolled the key ring between her fingers before passing the metal into her possession. It was as if she’d given her a precious baton, and it was. She was now in a personal race filled with new hope, and she was determined to win.

Smiling, she turned her gaze to her landlord and said, “I am beyond pleased. It’s perfect. Simply beautiful.”

And it was. Hope always is.


*Photo by Tatiana Cantus on Unsplash

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