Lost in Translation: Turbulence in Transition Pt 2

Imagine this. You pick up a novel that you were told was one of the greatest novels ever written and that once you’ve read it from start to finish, your life is going to be mightily changed.

You are going to experience every twist and turn, every high and low, you are going to relate with the characters in a dynamic way, and when it is all over, you are going to want to share it with others and just might want to flip right back to the first page and start the tale all over again.

But then, imagine that you only read the first chapter of this say, four-hundred-and-fifty-page tome only to decide that the author is off track, that he or she isn’t doing the characters justice and that the book is just not worth reading. As a result, you toss it aside with frustration, imagining that after only one chapter you have wasted your time.

Sounds kind of ridiculous doesn’t it. I mean one chapter in that many pages isn’t sufficient enough to even flesh out the main character let alone the plot. To judge it from that vantage point is just not fair or very smart.

And yet…this is exactly what we do when we begin our journeys of destiny with the Lord.

We gladly receive the vision that He has for us. We measure our preface, not even having stepped into chapter one and then assume that the end is just around the corner with the stamp happily-ever-after written in fancy scroll letters as if the story the Author of Creation has penned for our lives is a five-page picture book suitable for children under the age of three.

We then, finding ourselves immersed in chapter after chapter of the plot of our lives, struggling with frustration and even the urge that many of us tend to yield to, to help Jesus out with how our paths of life and destiny should be written.

We begin to wrestle with God and accuse Him of penning our lives wrongly as our view of His story for our individual lives gets lost in our human and finite translation. We begin to judge our story based on a few short chapters that we haven’t even read but many times have just skimmed over, hoping to jump to the desired end.


“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and He delighteth in his way.” ~PSALM 37:23

The Word of God, which is Christ Jesus, informs us of many things. One of which is that the steps of a good man, or the righteous as some translations put it, are ordered by the Lord.

We often forget that it is the struggle in our story, the detours, and the trials, that not only bless us to better appreciate and enjoy that which we are hoping for in our desired end but that these conflicting moments are refining and strengthening us for our desired end. (See I PETER 1:7, PSALM 66:10-12)

Is it the Lord that is causing our struggles or the pains that we face as we walk from one chapter of our destiny to another? No. But allows them and He is with us through them all being faithful to not only use them for our good but to deliver us into all that He promised as we endure in faith. (See ISA. 54:14-17PSALM 34:19, ROM. 8:28)


“…looking unto Jesus, the author, and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” ~HEBREWS 12:2

As well walk through each chapter of our stories, we need to understand that it is okay to feel a certain way about certain situations. It is okay to let the Lord know that you are hurting or do not particularly like a ‘scene’ in a chapter that you are called to walk through.

Christ Himself let His feelings be known in the Garden about how He felt about going to the cross and drinking the cup of suffering, but though He despised the suffering, drink the cup He did because He knew the end result would be worth it. You would be worth it. (See MATTHEW 6:39

We need to understand that casting your cares upon the Lord is significantly different from giving suggestions to the Lord as if the Author and Finisher of our faith needs direction in how to do our lives even though the book has already been written. (Although He does invite us to flesh out the story.)

We need to understand that what we are seeing in our lives is just a glimpse of a story He has already written. We cannot judge the story by a sentence. We do not have the ability to read ahead even though He gives us a glimpse of what the end of the story looks like without telling us all of the meaty details of the plot are walking.

Each step of the plot of our lives is part of the process and that is where the power and anointing for our destiny come from. The growth from the building up of every climax of our story penned by Christ in order for us to achieve the divine passion that He has given us to pursue comes from walking out in faith what He has ordered.

We must allow Him to work in us through the process that will yield and enable us to have power for the passion and destiny. We must trust the story. He has already called it finished and if He has begun to tell it to us and through us it must be good.

Let us all endeavor not to get lost in translation during our transition but trust Him every step of the way.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


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