Viewing Sin God’s Way by Bri Lassiter

I‘m keenly aware that any time I have ever had victory over sin, it has been because of how kindly and patiently the Lord treated me as I struggled.

We are so obsessed with behavior modification in our church culture, that it can be difficult to accept or acknowledge the Lord’s lack of judgment towards us.

I hear the phrase ALL the time, “The Lord never told us not to judge, He just said judge with righteous judgment”, which is, of course, is just an excuse to continue cherishing our own judgemental thoughts towards ourselves and others.

The righteous judgment the Lord exercised the most seemed to be kindness, and getting people to drop their rocks they were about to throw at each other.

The righteousness judgment I see Jesus exercise when a woman was caught in sin, was to ask questions that led to self-examination so that inner healing could take place.

Who is accusing you? Jesus asked. No one has a right to, but me, and I’m not going to. The rock and the accusations are dropped. And since there is no one left accusing you, you are free to go and sin no more.

If it is true that Jesus bore our sin and took the weight of all accusations against us so that we would never have to try to function under their burden anymore, WHY would we continue holding onto condemnation for our sins?

When He sees us, He sees us as spotless and blameless. He does not hold our own faulty view of ourselves, nor will He ever come into agreement with our flawed ideas that our sin deserves condemnation because our condemnation has already been taken away by what Jesus did on the cross.

The accusing thing is what the enemy does. The “accuser of the brethren” is what he is called. And how often do we decide to agree with the enemy about ourselves instead of Jesus?

Condemnation leads to a false form of repentance, a transformation of behavior based on guilt or shame.

This is why the enemy’s accusations and shame-based transformation appear so effective, because they look like the truth, but they bypass the heart and they bypass true healing and revealing.

It is the Lord’s kindness that leads us to true repentance, a transformation of behavior based on love. Romans 2:4

I tell my child all the time that I don’t want her to listen to me or do what I tell her because she’s afraid of punishment, or because she’s embarrassed, or because she feels like she’s obligated. I want her to listen to me and do what I tell her because she loves me and trusts me.

It is the same with the Lord.

He comes to heal our relationship with ourselves and teach us how to extend mercy to ourselves where He does. He comes to teach us how to forgive ourselves for our mistakes so we can accept His forgiveness and extend it to others.

The timelines of our lives are in His hands. It is not a surprise or a disappointment to Him to see where you are. Your sins and struggles do not make Him ‘clutch His pearls’ like a scandalized southern lady.

The Bible is filled with imperfect sin-laden people just like you, who did incredible history changing feats because they grabbed onto The Lord’s righteous right hand and trusted that it was enough to hold them up, and trusted that it was His righteousness that was enough to get them through to the end.

Our sins and our faults, He already sees as gone from us.

All we have to do until that is fully manifested in our lives is take hold of His righteous right hand, and as we walk with Him and experience His kindness and patience and love towards us, then we are enabled to receive true healing and wholeness of our hearts, not just our behavior.

*Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

By Bri Lassiter

Bri Small headshotI’m married to my dearest friend of 8 years and mom to an energetic 6-year-old. My greatest joys come from traveling with my little family, cooking for appreciative recipients, learning herbalism and natural medicine, and every experience I get to have in prayer ministry. I’m an avid tea and book lover and can’t get enough of either. I love Jesus and the daily adventure that comes from walking in friendship with him as he arranges and rearranges my story.

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