Treat Yourself! The Blessings Found in Showing Yourself Love

Valentine’s day was nearly a good month away when I began plotting with delight how I was going to, for the first time in my near thirty-seven years, treat myself with love and kindness.

Now, before we get the wrong idea, let me just say I’ve always believed that I have treated myself well but I have never really ‘treated’ myself. Sure, I have gone out just like the next person and purchased myself something that I had desired, but this…this was different.

This was celebrating love for me!

Okay, I know that still sounds a bit vain, but journey along with me and I think you will catch the revelation.

Valentine’s, as I stated in my article A Valentine From Your Father, was more of an acquaintance than a moment of romance that I had ever experienced. Having truly spent my adult years circling around a relationship with the opposite sex but never being drawn in to the point of having an established relationship, I had always felt disqualified from the fantasy and delight of the Holiday…that was until this year!

Spurred on with the purpose of this new year with not just a meaningless short-lived resolution, but a power-filled life-transforming revolution, I prayed and asked the Lord to bless me to embrace my true feminine identity in Him. I asked Him to expose the lies I had embraced and cause to flourish His original plan for me as a feminine being, created in His image.

In so doing, the floodgates burst open and a new level of clarity, focus, and self-love were born.

I began to see things differently; the way I saw myself in clothing, the way I appreciated my curves, my hair, my flaws and all. I started to carry myself with a different gait, one that showed a delight, confidence, and well-being that I did not have before.

I felt, feel, lighter in spirit.

I like me on an entirely different level than I ever have before. I value me and recognize with newfound clarity and reverence, that through Christ, I am indeed holy and set apart. I am treasured (as are all of you who are reading this). I am special and I am worth treating and celebrating.

So with a new found delight and excitement, I decided that Valentine’s Day 2019 was going to be special. I was going to take the blessings the Lord had given me and treat myself the way I wanted to be treated and so began my journey.

Which brings us full circle to the place of glory found in giving your thanks to the Lord for blessing you to be precious you, single or in a relationship, just because you are His and called by His Name.


Flowers and chocolateEveryone knows that Valentine’s Day is poorly done without chocolate. With that truth well in hand, I sought to purchase the perfect batch, cost thrown to the wayside. And let me tell you that I am glad I did.

Tip #1: When treating yourself, don’t be frugal. Purchase with purpose even while maintaining fiscal wisdom…i.e Pray about a price point you feel comfortable with.

I decided that I wanted more than the usual local stuff. Even the fancy Godiva chocolates, though amazing, would not cut it. So instead of investing in a lovely box from the Belguims, I decided to grab my (first…because this girl likes chocolates) glorious bites from Ireland!

Lily O’Brien’s are mind-blowingly exquisite, fine chocolates.  The typical findings with this box were absent in a positive way. There were no random box fillers of waxy milk chocolate or the overly sweet bites that one leaves to harden after a disappointed sampling.

Every piece was gorgeous in appearance and flavor, and let’s just say I ate them…all…before Valentine’s Day arrived!

There is just something about a fine box of chocolate that puts a smile on a girl’s face and a bigger one on her belly’s. The care that goes into a perfectly crafted chocolate given on Valentine’s Day or any day for that matter, somehow speaks without words that the recipient is worth it.

Fine chocolates come at a price yet your value and delight are far more valuable.


Chocolates, for me, were a good start, and finish to things, but sharing a warm drink, artisan marshmallows, and a locally sourced meal really filled my soul to brimming. And let’s not forget about the flowers.

Tip #2: Flowers, at whatever price add sunshine to a room and home, no matter how gloomy the weather outside may be. Go to your local grocery and TREAT YOURSELF to a bloom that brings a smile to your face.

When I was a younger woman in my teens, my grandfather used to send me bouquets of flowers. Grabbing a bundle with a variety of my favorite blooms blessed my heart with their fragrance and colors and also reminded me of my grandfather’s love and friendship.

Flowers 1
Mmelo Chocolates

Having the bouquet still on my desk is such a blessing and ease to my spirit. Just to think that the Lord made flowers for our delight, took such care in fashioning every petal for our eyes to enjoy and fragrances to tingle our senses just puts me in awe.

So with the flowers in my possession and Irish chocolates in my belly, a friend and I went for coffee at Mmelo Boutique & Confections.  The atmosphere was breathtaking as were the assortment of chocolates and artisanal marshmallows that were paired with our hot beverages.

I partook of a mocha paired with a cardamom marshmallow heart, flame-roasted and sat upon my steaming cup. I am usually a tea-girl, but the mocha, the company, the fine treats, evoked the same delight as Christmas morning.

We stayed inside the cafe and chatted with the owner for well over an hour, sampling marshmallows and mulling over which chocolates to take home with us, or rather, which chocolates to take to the restaurant with us.


Fox in snow 1

I wrapped up my early Valentine’s Day with a meal at Fox in the Snow. The atmosphere is modern and yet rustic and the food lends to that farm-to-table vibe that makes you appreciate what you are eating all the more.

Tip #3 Treat yourself with company and always share a meal. There is nothing that says love and care like good company paired with good food.

Just being able to share in easy conversation with a full belly and an even more full soul was priceless.


The beauty of all of this rest in the truth that you can experience days like this anytime of the year. Treating one’s self is about learning how to love yourself, how to be kind to yourself…to delight in who you are in Christ.

It is about toasting the Lord with every raised cup of steaming joy and taking a bite out of every delicate morsel.

As a single woman, I learned that treating myself, learning what brings me joy and delight, not only enables me to express that to my future husband, but it also blesses me to be in the habit of expressing love to others with freedom and excitement.

This experience blessed me to get to know myself a little bit more intimately and to do so with joyful expectation and anticipation for the next adventure. Walking this out showed me how to receive even from myself without guilt but with an abundance of gratitude.

I am grateful for who I am. I am grateful for what I have. And I am grateful for my season and Savior.

Our Savior tells us to do on to others as we would have them do unto us (LUKE 6:31). That surely begins with treating yourself with love and reverence, right?

Tip #4 Treating yourself is about learning how to love yourself and is great practice for learning how to give love to others. This requires listening to yourself and prepares you to hear from others and their needs for delight!

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but the chance to experience love and delight and kindness are available every day. Make a plan to show yourself some kindness in whatever form that may take.

You are worth it and so much more!

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