The Kindling Spark: Musings on Love & Romance

The look on his face

The taste of his lips

Was nothing short of sublime

The honey-sweet savor encompassed my soul

The instant his lips touched mine

The first of that moment

The kindling spark

Birthed fire within our dance

The flavor of passion

In an innocent kiss

Spoke whispers of Romance


Kiss– If my memory serves me correctly the Hebrew word, ‘Nashaq’ used for ‘kiss’ also means ‘to kindle or ignite.’  In Syriac, ‘to smell.’ An Arabic translation for the word means, ‘to fasten together.’**

Basically “To kiss is to kindle or ignite with the scent of fastening together”. (On what it means to “fasten together,” I’m going to encourage you to use your blessed imagination.)

In short, WOW!

Adhering to this truth, one that is not widely shared among the young in love or even those who are seasoned, I am only made to view the act of kissing as something far more sacred and special than our modern world has made it out to be.

Where some may question that at my age I have yet to ‘kindle or ignite with the scent of fastening together,’ I am made to rejoice!

The Song of Solomon warns young maidens not to awaken love before it’s ready. To kiss too soon would be to do just that.

This moment of musing sprung forth from the above poem that seemingly at random birthed itself within my imagination. But I will with the same purpose that caused me to write it encourage all of us to be careful with our kisses.

This is not to say NOT to kiss your loved one. But to encourage you to view the act as sacred, special, treasured.

Treat your kisses with sacred respect just as you should treat the one with whom you believe yourself to be in love.

Simply put, don’t cause smoke or fires where you have no harth or desire in which to contain them.

~Poeima, Poetry in Motion

*Revised from June 17, 2016

** (See

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