Celebrations that Suit Your Season: by Bri Lassiter

It’s not always easy to celebrate holidays based on what part of life we find ourselves in. Whether you’re facing a health difficulty, financial struggles, family issues, loss, or simply any type of transition that’s preventing you from celebrating how you normally would, its comforting to find a way to adapt your current situation to still experience the joy and comfort that holidays bring.

This Valentine’s Day I’m finding my health abilities are a bit different than they’ve been in the past, and I’m not up to going out to celebrate with a romantic dinner date like my hubby and I usually do. But since Valentines Day has ALWAYS been something we’ve made a big deal about, I started trying to find a solution that adapted my physical needs to our way of celebrating.

So it’s a candlelit dinner at home this year, with a full meal already cooked for me from a local Fresh Market.

It’s a great solution for our life change, and be encouraged that if you too, find yourself wanting to celebrate, but are finding it difficult to do the same things you once did, based upon your current condition, you can find a way of celebrating that works for you and your loved one that’s meaningful for both of you, even if its a bit different than what you typically do.

Give yourself permission to adapt to what you and your loved one need this year, whatever you choose, extravagant or non-existent, this day is all about celebrating you and your loved ones, and you don’t have to skip that just because of your life situation, even if your holiday does end up looking a little different.

So go ahead and start creating new ways to adapt your day! Whether it’s a long love note, a heart-shaped piece of toast for breakfast, a thoughtful gift for a friend, dinner in, or something more extravagant, whatever you do, just enjoy the time you have celebrating the people the Lord has put in your life.

Feel free to check out my ideas below if you find yourself relating to my situation, and want a dinner in with no fuss, or create your own ideas!

Check out Fresh Markets Valentine Special if you find yourself needing a low key date in too!

Or if you want an option that includes the whole family in the preparation fun, try a dinner kit complete with a cookie roll, recipe cards and organic ingredients delivered right to your door.

Act now, as some of these specials might be time sensitive, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on your celebration fun!

*Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

By Bri Lassiter

Bri Small headshotI’m married to my dearest friend of 8 years and mom to an energetic 6-year-old. My greatest joys come from traveling with my little family, cooking for appreciative recipients, learning herbalism and natural medicine, and every experience I get to have in prayer ministry. I’m an avid tea and book lover and can’t get enough of either. I love Jesus and the daily adventure that comes from walking in friendship with him as he arranges and rearranges my story.

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