The Many Realms Of Romance

“The beauty of Romance is birthed from the thought of what could be.” ~CANDICE COATES

In light of the season revolving around romance in the ‘love’ sense, I felt lead to share this quote that, like countless others, came to me several years ago.

The meaning of it is pretty straight forward, although I believe that that romance itself is often shoved into a singular pocket of expression and definition.

Whenever most people hear the word, ‘romance’ they initially think, “Girl lonely for Guy, finds Guy within the cliche environment, and then they are in love, DESPERATELY in love.” Romance.

The thing is, romance is far broader than that. If you look up the definition of the word, you are going to pretty much get what I described above with this grand definition lost in the shadows and often over looked:

Romance: spirit of adventure: a spirit or feeling of adventure, excitement, the potential for heroic achievement, and the exotic*

First, as a fiction and non-fiction author who is exploring the genre of clean-read-romance, I would like to thank Blonde Lucy, the creator of the blog, Blondewritemore, for hinting that I should add “electric fan” moments to one of my manuscripts. (Follow her blog. I assure you your joy levels will double with each post of hers you read.)

Electric Fan Moment: To be immersed into a moment via literature where romantic tension causes you to blush, and or your temperature to rise, requiring the usage of an electric fan; generally a pG 13 moment of pining and longing; Moment where a passionate kiss is shared…~Blonde Lucy

After Blonde Lucy’s recommendation and commendation for my having achieved “said” moment(s), I began to think more pointedly about the genre.

Thoughts took form and became action after having made the happy acquaintance of another brilliant writer and blogger, Ottohandling. His works are nothing short of Excellence, from perfectly worded thoughts to poetry, fashioned in raw emotion and expression. Brilliant! (Sadly, this wonderful man has bowed out of the blogging world, but the impact of his creative heart and mind still shine on.)

By conversing with Otto, seeing the bittersweet motions of romance from his evolving points of view, we engaged in a conversation. In one conversation, in particular, I experienced a spark that set off a fire of creative freedom.

What was said, you ask? What were those wise words that set your romantic freedom soaring?

“Admiration doesn’t have to lead to flirtation or a romance. I think we have left this zone of ‘healthy appreciation’ for beauty…” ~Otto Handling

Now if those words aren’t the catalyst for something magical, I don’t know what is.

He also talked about (the possibility of) being attracted to someone without desiring to be with them romantically. This thought is far deeper than we realize.

To me, it means ignoring our base desires for physical sexuality while still acknowledging the splendor of that which is visual.

Romance for me means possibility. That possibility does not have to be married to physical sexuality, as some have taken romance to mean. Sensuality, amorous expressions, are not solely defined by what happens when passions are at their highest. There is so much more to it than that.

Truly, romance, sensuality, things of amorous nature are far more sacred than that.

Otto’s words (from my perspective) mirrored the view I have held when admiring the opposite sex. I have treated those who I have pinned over as fine pieces in a museum. I was free to look and admire, but not touch. Even my thoughts of them remained in an arena of classic admiration.

There need not have been a collision of mutual emotions in order for the light of romantic energy, and the delight of appreciation for someone else, to be experienced.

Think of it as walking outside for the first time in a day only to be greeted with a gentle kiss from the sun, the whisper of the first morning’s dewy breeze, and the caress of large, fluffy clouds moving across your face upon a crystal blue sky.

What do  you feel? What happens to your senses in that moment? Isn’t that ROMANTIC? Isn’t that sensual?

I would say so!

Romance can be anything and can happen anywhere. The thought of some grand potential, the joy, and excitement that it breeds inside of you is romantic.

Your writing is romantic, your cooking, your art, your singing, etcetera. Your perfectly created self happens to be ROMANTIC just because you exist and you have limitless potential.

Allow yourself to embrace the romance of every moment of your day. Look for the romance in each step, and let the thoughts of what could be, romanticize you into action!

* Photo by Evie Shaffer on Unsplash

*Microsoft® Encarta® Reference Library 2003. © 1993-2002 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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