The Posture of Pursuit: Pt 2 of Pursuit of Passion

Faith. Fear. Worry. Wisdom. All four cups are set before us to drink from as we traverse our pathway of pursuit of passion, but which cups are we choosing to drink from?

The question seems simple enough and the answer even simpler. What is our posture in prayer as we pursue our passion? If prayer, seeking the wisdom of God, is not our foundation we are already off to a bad start. Christ Himself blessed us with the truth that apart from Him we could do nothing, and sharing with Him in all things is done through prayers of faith (JOHN 15:5).

Prayer. It is more than just a religious act of acknowledging a Power greater than yourself. For the Redeemed, prayer is, or rather should be, an authentic conversation with our Beloved Father, Friend, and Savior, Christ Jesus.

The Word ensures us that “…The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (JAMES 5:16) We who have accepted the free gift of salvation through the finished work of Christ Jesus ARE now the righteousness of God the Father (II CORINTHIANS 5:21)This means that when we pray there is power. There is authority.

Let that sink in.

Thinking about prayer and its power and its importance in the life and relationship of a Believer, I want you to ask yourself this question about your own prayer life and prayer posture, not just as you pursue your passion but every day:

  • When you approach The Lord in prayer, are you being guided by “Fear” or “Faith,”“Worry” or “Wisdom”?

Give yourself a bit of time to think about this. We are meant to pray with power authority, right?

A prayer that is guided by Fear and Worry is a prayer that does not come from power or authority but one that comes from a heart that is not secure in God’s love or confident in His faithfulness.

This kind of prayer comes from the heart of a beloved child who is still uncertain of their place not only at their Father’s table but in His arms.

These kinds of prayers are postured from the place of an orphan. They come from a heart of doubt and uncertainty. They sound like this:

“God please will You…I promise if You just….I know You are busy but if You would…I won’t ask for anything else…I know this isn’t important…I don’t mean to bother You…”

Let’s be honest, we’ve ALL prayed like this before.

The thing is, this posture comes from a place of lost identity, whether it’s from wounds of our past that still need healing or faulty doctrine that has wrongly taught you that God is angry with you and out to punish you for your next mistake.

I JOHN 4:18 tells us, “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

Ask yourself this, do you believe your Heavenly Father loves you?

“A prayer that is guided by Fear and Worry is a prayer that comes from a heart that is not secure in God’s love or confident in His faithfulness.”

When you are not secure in His love and confident in His faithfulness, you are often in a place where you’ve forgotten you are His child, that He sees and loves you just as He sees and loves Christ (JOHN 17:20-23)  and that you are not only His righteousness but His beloved.

Christ Jesus, during His ministry on Earth, always welcomed children with open arms, tenderness, and love. He blessed every child who came to Him. He even instructs us to approach Him with faith like a child. (MATTHEW 19:14LUKE 18:16MATTHEW 18:3)

If you are wondering how He sees you as His child, look at how He treated children while here on Earth. He welcomed them. They didn’t have to beg. They could come to Him securely.

HEBREWS 4:16, instructs us to ‘come BOLDLY to the throne of grace.’ To be bold is to be confident and courageous. Where does our confidence come from? From knowing that we are loved. And when we know we are loved we don’t have to fear that He is angry or worry that He is not going to meet our needs. (ISAIAH 54:9, MATTHEW 6:25-34)

In fact, we can pray from our proper postures; that of ‘Faith and Wisdom’.

We need Faith and Wisdom to be our foundations of our prayers as we pursue the passions that are within us. Just like an archer with poor posture fails to hit his mark, so too will we if our posture is not secure in our identity in Him in faith and wisdom.

*Wisdom vs Worry coming next week.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!

*Revised from July 14, 2016

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