Don’t Give Up in Your Pursuit by Pastor Robert House III

The reality of living in a fallen world is that many times you may feel stuck, unfilled, hopeless, confused and even bitter. You put your full effort into making a change, pursuing something better in your life, fighting an addiction, changing your circle of friends or even connecting with family and then nothing changes.

You have been lead to build a dream, you pray over your family and your marriage and nothing changes. Have you ever been passionately pursuing the will of God because you know what He told you and still find yourself empty?

What do you do when nothing changes and yet everything changes. Where do you go when you feel like your prayers aren’t being heard. Your body aches, your heart cries, you know that you stepped into the miry clay and now trying to get out of it. You went right when God told you to go left and now your trying to make a U-turn.

Pursuit, passion, change and finding a better balance to the brokenness of your life. In this season of your life, I want you to know that you are not alone. In this pursuit for passionately seeking after Jesus, I want you to know that you should keep praying even when you don’t feel like he hears you.

Almost two years ago God called me to pastor in a small town of 700 people and he moved me here from a big city of over 300,000 people. I was single, no kids, and free to do whatever I felt like whenever I felt like. Since then God saw me struggling and He gave me my wife and now I have two bonus girls- I don’t like using the word ‘step’. It seems impersonal. Nothing I do for them is ‘step’. It’s all a bonus to my life- God had to take away my free will to make self-focused choices. He did this by blessing me to settle me down in marriage because He wanted my focus to be on Him.

The church has not grown at the pace I was hoping for it to grow. When I got here we were averaging twenty-two people and now on a good Sunday, we have about forty people that show up. I was hoping by now we would be averaging eighty people each Sunday morning.

I have a decent job but it doesn’t pay enough and I have to work a side job just to make it for my family. I have decided to keep my wife home to home school our girls- I believe in my core that every kid should have at least one parent home with them all the time. My marriage isn’t perfect, my kids aren’t perfect and my ministry isn’t perfect- it’s not what I planned on and it’s not what I dreamed life would be like for me at thirty-three years old.

I talk to God all day long, when the bible talks about praying consistently I am living witness to that. Jesus and I talk all day long. I bring Him my praises, I plead with Him for change, I ask Him why all the time, my conversations with God are gutwrenching, honest and raw. I am passionately pursuing Him because most days I am tired and disappointed.

I want you to know that whatever place you are in there is nothing wrong with pursuing God for an answer no matter how deep it is- God is able to handle your truth.

So what do you do when you’re pursuing God, pursuing a dream, pursuing healing to your pain, desperately knocking on the door of heaven because you feel like if you don’t get an answer you are going to die?

You remember that God is faithful.

In Luke 2: 11 it says “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior who is Christ the Lord”. Here is what you need to know about this verse and it will help you in your waiting and seeking.

In the Old Testament, the prophets said that the Savior would come from the line of David and even though it took several hundreds of years for the Savior to come, God kept His promise and orchestrated everything to happen in the way it was supposed to happen and planned the details exactly the way it was to go.

You need to remember what God promised you on the mountain top so when you get to the valley you can hold on to the word that He has spoken to you. The Jews were waiting and are still waiting for the Savior but what they have missed then and many have missed now is the details that God said to His chosen people.

Write down your vision, write down your prayers, write down what you are pursuing from God and what He has told you so while you’re waiting on the fulfillment of the prophetic word that He has given you.

You won’t forget the faithfulness of the Christ Child. It may take a while as you are pursuing Him but just know that if you hang on eventually everything is going to be alright. So keep praying, keep pursuing, and don’t give up. God can do anything but lie.

I love ya and I am praying for your victory to come soon,

~Pastor House



Pastor House is thirty-three years old and married to his wife Rachael, and is the bonus dad to Paige and Chloe. He is the pastor of the 1st Baptist church of Bluford Illinois. He is also a supervisor in the parks department for the city of Mt Vernon Illinois were he oversees people who are doing their community service and trying to pay off their debt to society. He is the only African American pastor in the Salem South Baptist
Association and the first black preacher in the one hundred and thirty-three years of his church’s history. For enjoyment, he substitutes in the local school district to help inspire young people. He is a professional foodie and his life mottos are, “Stay principled and not emotional and don’t turn a mess into a disaster.” You can also find him monthly on the tv show ask the pastor on TCT network

*Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash


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