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Jesus The Hope Of The World by Pastor Robert House

As you are reading this article you may be in the same place as me today. Externally everything looks right but internally nothing feels good. Our feelings have a way of being deceptive whereas we see situations that we are in as worse than what they really are. This is why the bible says to “Gaurd Your Heart”- Pro. 4:23.

Your job is fine- you may not like the work but your boss is fair, your marriage is good- of course, there are always things to work on but you and your spouse are in a good place, and your kids aren’t getting on your nerves- yes they are brats but whose kids aren’t- LOL.

While your finances aren’t what you want them to be, honestly, you can’t complain. Your body is just a reflection of your age but you know that you could drink more water and take the stairs more than the elevator- getting older is a gift. Remember that not everyone has made it to the age your at and spiritually you are doing ok today because you have been consistent in your church attendance and been intentional about giving your tithes to the church.

Externally you are fine, you are polished and no one would know what was going on inside the walls of your heart- most days you find yourself laughing to keep from crying.

You miss somebody- maybe even that somebody is your old self, you regret a decision- if only you could go back to being 17, your “what ifs” are louder than they have been in a long time- you thought you had subdued them but they just keep showing up in different gear each year because what life has taught you is that in every new level you will face new devils.

Sadness is consistently searching out your soul and looking for a resting place- she even brought her own chair this time to sit down in- you usually provide her with a sitting place of your own: complacency, sorrow, grief- the things you have struggled with as long as you can remember.

You are supposed to be happy because of the Christmas season because that’s what your mind is telling you to do. You just wish your heart would follow along because the brokenness you feel inside yourself is something that you wouldn’t wish on your worse enemy. This kind of pain feels like its going to kill you- in fact even though you are breathing you still feel dead.

One of the four themes of advent is hope and that is what I want to give you today as best as I can and my prayer- earnest prayer for you- is that your heart would listen and receive the good news because my whole ministry is making sure that people don’t feel about themselves the way life has left me feeling.

In the first chapter of the gospel of Matthew we see the Genealogy of Christ and what is so interesting is that it is unusual for women to be named in genealogies but Matthew names five: Tamar was a Canaanite woman who posed as a prostitute to seduce Judah, Rehab was a gentile and a prostitute, Ruth was a Moabite woman and a worshiper of idols.

Bathsheba committed adultery with David and Mary bore the stigma of pregnancy outside of wedlock. Each of these women is an object lesson about the workings of divine grace- divine grace is God’s hope chasing you down to remind you that His love for you is active, present, and unchanging.

During this advent season, I want you to understand in a real way- not just because its the good Christian thing to do but that your story has a purpose in the plan of God and He will use you for His own glory.

I know that you may not “feel” hopeful right now but I want you to know that hope is available to you through the power of the Holy Spirit and if you keep pressing into God and allowing Him to control the narrative of your story He will do just that.

He is the beginning and the end and the ultimate author of your life so even if everything isn’t looking on the up and up right now take hold of the hope that you have in Christ.

Matthew 1:23, “Behold the virgin shall be with child and shall bear a son and they shall call His name Immanuel which translated means God with us”

In all of your understandings this advent season I pray that your hope would be that God is with you!

I love you and am Praying for you- Pastor Robert House III- 1st Baptist Bluford IL

~Poiema, Poetry in Motion

*Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Written by Pastor Robert House III

40427755_296384340986361_7882548199833993216_nPastor House is thirty-three years old and married to his wife Rachael, and is the bonus dad to Paige and Chloe. He is the pastor of the 1st Baptist church of Bluford Illinois. He is also a supervisor in the parks department for the city of Mt Vernon Illinois were he oversees people who are doing their community service and trying to pay off their debt to society. He is the only African American pastor in the Salem South Baptist
Association and the first black preacher in the one hundred and thirty-three years of his church’s history. For enjoyment, he substitutes in the local school district to help inspire young people. He is a professional foodie and his life mottos are, “Stay principled and not emotional and don’t turn a mess into a disaster.” You can also find him monthly on the tv show ask the pastor on TCT network

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